Thoughts On The Event Timeline

 A blog reader asked what will happen if the Event does not happen this month. This is an interesting question. Those of us who expected the Event to happen on 21st December 2012 already know the answer - we carry on. Yup. It is no more exciting than that. We carry on.

Humanity was destined to ascend on 21st December 2012. It was decided by the awakened collective to postpone Ascension until more people had awakened. At the time, it seemed like a very painful decision. We were hugely disappointed. And of course those of us who were awake back then have experienced some pretty torrid times since that time. Lots of opportunities for soul growth!

I can see now, in hindsight, that humanity was NOT ready to ascend in 2012. It's a fact. So here we are again, on another turn of the spiral. Phew.

What are my thoughts on the timing of the Event? Firstly, I see this month as being a strong timeline for the Event to happen. There is a powerful sense of anticipation from the incoming energies - much more than we have had up until now. However, if for any reason the Event does not happen this month, it just means that Divine timing wasn't in place. That's all. It is not personal.

Now, something has just happened that reminds me of the immense importance of keeping a light joyful attitude as we sprint down the final straight. I am expecting a new fridge to be delivered in a few minutes. I have just been joking with the delivery man on the phone - he was kidding me that he sold my new fridge to another customer, sorry. We had a good laugh. Suddenly, on this gloomy rainy day (it's been raining for many days here), a bolt of light flashed into my life. Humor, joy, laughter. These qualities are vital to our current situation.

Another tip - keep your expectations low. Keep your faith and trust in the Divine plan extremely high, yet at the same time keep your expectations low. Many lightworkers crashed emotionally after Ascension did not eventuate on 21st December 2012. I was not one of them. On reflection, it is because I had plenty of faith and trust - yet I also knew there was the possibility it might not be the right timing. So my expectations were balanced.

Finally, there is a massive wave of Light coming from our off-planet friends. It is being greeted by a fast-growing wave of Light coming from Light holders on Earth. This combined Light is focused on 21st December - that something wonderful may happen then, if not before. Can you see how our faith and trust is CREATING the Event...?

Hold your Light beacon high. There is nothing that matters more now. You may be experiencing that 3D life is increasingly less interesting - I certainly am. Mundane pastimes that were a welcome distraction even a few weeks ago have suddenly become boring and meaningless. I see it as a sign that we know on a soul level that big change is coming - SOON.

Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. I woke up in early 2013, so I believe something was activated inside me on Dec 21, 2012, and it briefly gestated until I began feeling a strong urge to explore the UFO coverups.

    I think maybe a walk-in happened because I suddenly lost all interest in becoming a scientist, which was what I spent much of my school days preparing for. For context, I was beginning the second half of 11th grade when 2013 began, so when I came back from winter break, my whole attitude about my science classes changed.

    I still love science as a subject, but I didn’t like doing the experiments anymore, and experiments are the bread and butter of science, so pursuing a career was suddenly off the table.

    I felt completely aimless in school for the remaining 1 1/2 years, with the only thing giving me a sense of purpose and focus being my spirituality, and uncovering more truths about the world.

    I don’t envy my spiritual seniors who lived through the disappointment of Dec 21, 2012, but I do highly admire them for being able to pick themselves up afterward.

    1. That's a good point - that maybe 2012 WAS a major Awakening point for many people.

      There are many videos about walk-ins if you are interested in finding out if you are one (or had one). I recommend checking out Warriors Amongst Men and/or Sam the Illusionist on YouTube.

    2. I knew someone who I believed was a walk-in - there is a noticeable change in personality and approach to life. Apparently it is quite common, judging from the many books I have read.

    3. I met the delightful Dr. Carol Parrish-Harra in the 90's at Sparrow Hawk, OK. She knows she's a walk-in, has written several books and is the minister/founder of the church there.

  2. Thanks Sierra, It’s my first time hearing about you.I’ve seen your picture on the internet through the years on some site but I was on a Delores Cannon mission God rest her Soul..I was trying in 2018 when I lived in Lake Barrington Shores, Illinois to get a past life regression from my neighbor who had a office in Barrington and at the last minute she bailed on me and told me she had an emergency that day and when I talked to her next she told me she’s not doing the past life regressions anymore in which I found very strange and felt an evil presence with her. I was wondering if you could help me find out why my ex-neighbor doctor would do something like that and she was very rude to me after that for no reason while I had always been kind to her and her handicapped daughter that lived with her and she was a sweetheart and always was friendly to me but I sensed she might have been abused..Much Love, Michael ❤️

    1. Hi Michael, I am so sorry you had that experience with your neigbor. I am getting the feeling you had a lucky escape on some level, as in if you had gone ahead with the regression, it might not have been a pleasant experience. Anyway, past lives are behind us now, thankfully. It's all about our beautiful 5D future! Love and Light to you.

  3. I have felt as if not much in 3D interests me at all these days. I don't miss going to movies or going swimming or shopping - I find myself avoiding major retail stores at all costs, when it never mattered to me either way if I went or not. I only watch certain television shows, most of them on Discovery Plus, because they are shows about real life, but not "reality shows", if that makes sense (archeology, history, paranormal, UFO, adventure... that sort of thing). I'm not much interested in anything else. I'm even finding it hard to write in my journal a lot, when writing was never a problem for me. And it's not because I'm feeling depressed or anything. Just as if I'm living in a holding pattern.... waiting for the life I've dreamed about for so long to explode. Waiting to see what my true purpose will be in this new 5D world. Hoping I am strong enough to be able to help others who will be hearing the Truth so suddenly once the Event happens, whatever and whenever that may be. Concentrating on keeping my vibration high, which can often be quite a challenge, since I am sensing a deep stirring in the Collective. My heart will palpitate suddenly at random times, and it's not my high blood pressure (which I've conquered), nor anxiety... this feels different. So I'm constantly surrounding myself with white light from Source. I depend on these updates - thanks so much for doing this for us, my dear Sierra!

    1. Thanks for sharing Deb - I am getting random heart palpitations at present too. And I go to write in my journal and I can't be bothered, as if 'What's the point...?' Everything seems surreal. As you say, we are in a holding pattern, but not for much longer...!

  4. Hi Sierra. Thanks for sharing your info! As long as this Shift for us takes us outside the Matrix and not some 5D in this virtual reality matrix.

    And Sierra--take a look at what schrodingers cats say today about the end of December. They think this might be the Event:

  5. Hi, after I read about Inelia Benz this year, I understood that still something important happened around 2012 (i.e. 2011):
    In this year, the people decided if they will get the jab or not. This is the reason, why there are people first say that they will not get it, but suddendly, do change their mind from one day to the other…..
    No idea, if this is true, but it would explain a lot in my surrounding.


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