All Eyes On [F]auci

Project Veritas has just released damning military documents that prove without doubt [F]auci lied about his involvement in the Wuhan lab gain-of-function research. This could be the first big marker for the implosion of the [D]eep [S]tate.

Starship Earth published this theory from a Telegram source about [F]auci being the first big public arrest. It makes sense of the Q phrase: 'THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD.'  I agree with the Telegram source: [F]auci is the one person whose arrest would shock awake every jabbed person on the planet. The deadly toxins coursing their bodies are there as a direct result of the actions of ONE man - [F]auci. BOOM.

We were told that the first arrest would signal direction. We were told that the first arrest would shock the world.

Anthony Fauci.

How does it signal direction?

• Leads to Gates Foundation
• Leads to Clinton Foundation
• Leads to Rockefeller Foundation
• Leads to CCP
• Leads to Big Pharma

It also leads to the Wuhan Lab, and the origins of the plandemic. As we all know, the plandemic was planned to steal the election, so - Fauci also leads to that (Election Fraud).

He is literally the piece that leads to every single corrupt entity we fight against.

Why would it shock the world? This is easy. Because he has been presented as a hero, a God amongst men, the Medical Savior!! Everyone the world over knows who he is by now and he is largely adored by the normies (even if he does throw like a limp wristed bitch 🤷🏻‍♂️).

Except most of us know that the dude is actually more akin to Hitler and Pol Pot than he is any kind of “hero”.

Fauci’s arrest would shock every single person who is not red pilled, and it would signal to Anons and the red pilled that the drip is about to become a flood due to all of his nefarious connections with ALL the main players as far back as the 70’s.

This is purely my speculation, and just having a little fun at trying to guess who may be the first one in cuffs, so don’t take this too seriously or hold me to it. (Telegram source)

An interesting newsletter from Ben Fulford. In the past, I have been cautious about his intel - it has been inconsistent at times. However, this newsletter has some credible information, especially about the situation in Eastern Europe/Middle East. Ben backs up the famous Q phrase: 'Saving Israel for last...' As with all intel, please use your discernment to determine if it is YOUR truth.

CDC admits that over 75% of [C]ovid deaths involved at least four co-morbidities. Why is this just coming out now..? Because the [D]eep [S]]tate knows that the game is up.

A study shows that the [C]ovid survival rate for under 20's is 99.9987%. It proves that jabbing children is evil and it must be IMMEDIATELY stopped. This study's findings confirm that [C]ovid is a mild disease in all but a small minority of cases...this virus is well below a level where restrictions are justifiable.

Finally, Relentless Truth with a great Q drop connection to date January 19th. The 'CURE' will spread WW...THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD. 

The 'CURE' that is spreading worldwide is the Alliance-released Omicron variant, providing immunity for humanity. 'THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD' could be the arrest of [F]auci.

It is quite possible that the world will be a very different place before the end of this month. When it DOES happen, there will be massive vindication for Light Warriors. The urge to say, 'I told you so...' to the sleepers may be overwhelming. We must not give in to it. Compassion for their ignorance and willingness to be so mind-controlled.

Oh, and 19th January is National Popcorn Day in USA.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. There is a popular saying, "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." Recently 1,000 homes in Colorado were destroyed by directed energy weapons. michaelj5326 at Rumble is saying they are going to use energy weapons to cause earthquakes and tsunamis. And he is saying to prepare for food shortages. The predicted good events might happen soon but the demons might react to that.

  2. Hi Wayne. Yes, the DS will fight to the bitter end, but as the Light has already won on the continuum, we can be assured of victory. Having said that, there will be a few more bumps in the road first. Love and Light to you.

  3. We have so much to look forward to...!! I can barely contain my enthusiasm! Looking forward to meeting you, too, although I think we meet on the astral plane. Love and Light, Sierra! Big hugs!

    1. Jan, you are quite right about our astral plane meetings, or course! And we DO have so much to look forward to, indeed. I can feel the excitement building every day now. Yay!
      Love, Light and hugs to you.

  4. Yes fires in winter in Colorado .. houses ablaze trees fine.. this does not awaken the normies they don't look too deep into anything is my observation. Why many can't see the jab risk they assume it's just a normal flu shot .. they have such naive trust alot they literally can't see the darkness all around them..I hear reports people are waking up which is great I haven't witnessed this yet amongst siblings .. even people I think know go get the jab. Ok the cure may be omicron I was hoping EBS and military arrests...isnt this what Q has stated many time "the military is the only way"??
    Lots of talk about the RV, nesara happening Jan 1 .. I find it hard to believe redemptions happening while the DS still controls Canada US .. NZ. Etc.. so who is the source and it all disinfo. We shall see.. also Sierra what are your thoughts on Queen Romana Kingdom of Canada .. I am on the fence her telegram channel .. some.of her posts ..basically telling wethepeople to make citizen arrests of these elite criminals.. prior though posting about ebs ..prepare with food.. special forces will visit each town to of the viruses etc..
    Peaceful citizens arrests she advocates of course but many like myself commented concerns about bloodshed as these elites have security ...well her response was we have anger and hatred in our hearts .. anyhow I was taken back ..saddened to be honest.. it's a valid concern and I assumed special forces wld be arresting...

    1. Hi Doug...I don't follow Queen Romana at all, I have never felt drawn to her posts for some reason which I can't explain. I think the military is still in control because the Omicron 'cure' came via the US military. It feels as if the EBS is close now. We are ready...!

  5. Hello everyone.

    This might be a double. As soon as I published my (shorter) comment it disappeared...

    So... Was saying... Nobody will admit that most of the deaths were from the ventilators, remdesivir and the other drug I can't recall that makes kidneys malfuntion and lung deficiency. They were IN the hospitals, with "the protocol". If I/we didn't know about the massive exit of souls who are not ready for New Terra it would be totally shameful. But many DID use this opportunity to leave and that, we need to accept.

    To Doug, if We The People are to claim back our powers citizens' arrests need to happen. In orderly fashion that is. I don't want everybody to start arresting their neighbors. I watched a new QR video where she invites anyone who is willing to freely surrender - for protection - to go to their building in BC (she gave the address) and wave a white flag.

    Re. The first to be arrested, I couldn't care less at this point. The dominoes need to start falling, whoever is the first one. I never heard that it would be Fauci, only HRC. But again, not important for me/us.

    Be well all!

    1. Hi Sarah...I thought that HRC would be the first big arrest too (officially announced cos she's already dead). But it does seem that [F]auci is being fast tracked. At this stage, we Light Warriors will take ANY big DS name as the first arrest to get the ball rolling...!


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