Details Can Be Distracting

On reflection, it could possibly have been President Trump speaking at the rally, not a double. The hat and lack of a tie certainly put us off the scent. It was something Sarah blog reader said that made sense to me. We have been seeing a lot of the Trump double lately and we have got used to accepting him as the real person. Having said that, this could have been a DIFFERENT double. So tricky...!

Do you know what...? It's not about the details. It's about the Alliance plan to liberate humanity, and it's about Ascension, both personal and collective. How we achieve those goals does not hinge on knowing every plot twist and turn of what is essentially a MILITARY operation. By the very definition of the word military, most of the current action is strategizing behind the scenes before they unleash their devastating killer blow on the [D]eep [S]tate. As Q said, we only get one shot at it. It has to be flawless.

The International Court in Brussels has delivered a sensational verdict in the case against the [D]eep [S]tate. Wonderful news.

I resonate with this summary of President Trump's apparent revised stance on the jab. I believe his optics were for a vital reason - to save humanity from a far worse fate than we have experienced for the last two years.

I believe President Trump is signaling that we are very close to the end of the movie. I am so glad this s---show is nearly over. As many Anons are commenting, President Trump looked tired, as if he's had enough of this s---show too. Every Light Warrior on this planet is over it. 

I am tired today. Around every 4-6 weeks, I hit the wall with warrior fatigue. Today's weariness has been exacerbated by the awful news that NZ started jabbing 5 - 11 year olds today. And shockingly, a national supermarket is bribing parents with vouchers to get their children jabbed. This is worse than bribing with junk food - parents can find the strength to refuse junk food. But food from the supermarket, when money is already so tight? It is heinous. 

Speaking of jabbing children, this is appalling intel about Pfizer - they quietly added a heart attack drug to their vax for children because they KNOW it is causing serious heart problems. Their evil knows no limits.

Even the WHO does not recommend routinely jabbing children for the virus.

The Pfizer CEO finally admitted that two doses of their jab is virtually useless. Wake up, people!

This morning I was listening to my neighbors chatting while I worked in the garden. They are fixated on 'that awful tennis player...serves him right...what was he thinking, not being jabbed...he deserves to be sent home...' Their gossip is being fed by obsessive MSM coverage here in NZ of the incident. When the truth is revealed, they will look back and realized that Djokovic was on the right side. Until then, patience. Sigh.

A potential explanation for the 'volcanic eruption' in Tonga that is now widely believed to be a detonation.

An Anon wrote a post about how the sleepers will react when they discover the truth about the jab. It's along the lines of what we have been discussing on this blog.

Finally, maybe because I am a bit tired, this little video brought tears to my eyes.

Keep your Light shining brightly, World Patriots. Keep Unity Consciousness uppermost in your mind - it is the antidote to all the divisive propaganda that is sweeping through humanity. We are in this together. You are not alone.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. No seismic activity prior makes it appear to be intentional...I read a dumb was to taken out but that was a huge blast and btc is a deep state creation so all that over a small island like Tonga seems too much.. jabs for kids is open bio warfare your neighbors like many Americans are zombies already nothing can wake.them up .. it's clear now why Hitler do what he did .. people literally don't think critically or question anything .. Meanwhile NFL stadiums are packed here with playoff games and the winter Olympics are to start during a pandemic that never ends??

    1. Hi Doug, the packed sports stadiums in USA makes such a mockery of a so-called 'pandemic', doesn't it...?? The truth is pouring out. It will not be contained anymore.
      Love and Light to you, my friend.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Caroline, Love and Light to you.

  3. One thing we can all do even when we are tired, and that is "shine our light." And you definitely do that!! Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. Thank you, Jan. I always feel your bright twinkling light in your comments too. We are in this together...!! Love and Light to you.

  4. Thank you Sierra. I like the frankness and sincerity in your sharing and being open to every possible feeling you (and we) undergo.

    Here in Europe also started with children below 12. I got letters (I refuse to call it "invitation" as it is stated on the letter) sending to my children. Some of their classmates had the V already. My children's father (my ex) and I are polarized with the view of V. He was about to get his booster but universe stopped him because he had a painful injury the day before, so the booster plan was postponed. I haven't told him about the letters, and I will keep my eldest kid at home from a day-trip to the EU thinking of the density in that area at this moment and having to wear mask the whole day, not to mention the choking feeling in the train. I don't know if I made the right decision to keep my kid home. No matter how brave I've been, it is still a big struggle to be different from most of the people,be isolated, and receive criticism and being blamed to be "paranoid" or "falling into the conspiracy." It's funny that we are constantly self-examining and we don't point our fingers at them saying they are blindly following (instead, we pray for them), but they say so easily we are supporters of conspiracy theory as soon as we propose a different angle to look at things. This feels like a deja-vu in our many incarnations. I guess that's why we are getting more and more impatient for the truth because we have been treated in the same way over and over again.

    I watch your posts ever since my friend shared your blog with me. Though you are physically far away, your presence keeps people like me supported and heard.

    Thank you for being you!

    1. Hi Ann, as an un-schooling mother of 3, I can tell you keeping your child home from what looks to be a stress-inducing day trip was a FANTASTIC idea. What a great opportunity for the two of you to have a little light-hearted fun. Bake cookies, find a wicked-cool art project, a great movie YOU loved as a kid (man, the movie genres my kids love now because if that...😊), popcorn, even "stay-in-your-pajamas-all-day," the ideas are endless! Be warned, you may enjoy it enough to want to do it again on another boring outing at school day. Keep your chin up, we're almost there. Love from beautiful Wisconsin in the U.S.A.

    2. Hi Ann
      Thank you so much for sharing about your situation - it helps other people in this community who may be going through something similar. And I completely resonate with your words about no matter how brave we are, it is still a big struggle to be different to most people, and feeling isolated. When we Light Warriors are we fellow Light Warriors, where we can talk unedited, it is the most amazing feeling. The rest of the time we are constantly editing our thoughts and speech around 3D people. We HAVE been through this over and over in other incarnations, Ann - you are right! You will get a lot of reassurance and comfort from the Pleiadian post I am writing today.
      MoonGoddess, thank you for your lovely message to Ann and others. Yes, keeping our chins up. We are almost there...!!
      Love and Light to you two beautiful Light Warriors in the northern hemisphere. It is hot here today, sending you both big warm hugs...!

    3. Sorry, I made a little typo in that response - it should read...'When we Light Warriors are with other fellow Light Warriors...' Typing too fast as usual!

    4. Thank you both MoonGoddess69 and Sierra for your supportive replies <3

  5. I went out today briefly after being inside all day yesterday due to weather. I was excited to go - I enjoy going to exercise, especially - but after being out for just 2 or so hours, I was ready to go home. There's just something in the air that doesn't feel right. Like being around people right now is not such a great idea.

    And I know how you feel, Sierra... I have been SO EXHAUSTED for the last 2 days, and yet when I go to bed, I just don't sleep. Not because I'm in pain or because my mind is going crazy... I just can't sleep. If I do, it's for an hour or 2, then I wake up ... always at 3-3:30. Then I sleep until 10, and feel like I could continue sleeping. But usually, whenever I stop and think "ascension symptoms", the tiredness eases a bit.

    I just have to remember, no matter what, not to be in fear.


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