Go Canada...! We Are With You

Top billing goes to this super cool Canadian trucker telling Trudeau who's REALLY in charge of the country. Please help this little video go viral. We The People have SPOKEN (globally).

Wow. Over ONE MILLION PEOPLE are heading towards Ottawa to demand Trudeau's resignation. And they will stay there until they get a result. I am now absolutely certain that Q meant Canada for 'Watch CA'. BOOM.

This is totally an air Q sign by Jesse Watters in a recent Fox segment. Awesome little video. Enjoy.

The Danish population will be liberated on 1st February - all virus restrictions removed. Freeing humanity, one country at a time. Love it.

President Trump stated in an unofficial capacity (while playing golf) that he will be the 47th President of USA. My question is, which Trump is it in this video..? The real one, or the double? This Trump seems taller and fatter than more recent slimmed-down versions. So confusing. No matter. The information is directly from him (whichever version) and the video is going viral.

We are supposed to believe that this blithering idiot (played by an actor) is the USA President and leader of the so-called free world. Give me a break.

The corrupt mainstream media used to scream this word about President Trump. We had to wait until the rest of the world caught up with the truth. Q: 'You can't tell the people; you have to show them.'

Don't worry - the Demonrats are going down in a screaming heap as we watch in real time.

This article presents the appalling heart-breaking statistics of miscarriages and stillbirths connected to the Pfizer jab. A Netflix reality star had a stillbirth at 38 weeks just before Christmas. This is highly unusual in a healthy woman. People will look back and remember this tragic event when an avalanche of similar tragic events is made public - soon.

Candace Owen reminds us of the depth of evil of the [s]atanists. A big Red Pill here for the sleepers, if you dare.

This image is so cute. I will let it speak for itself.

Finally, a brilliant meme that illustrates the sheer courage of every Light Warrior on this planet. Go us.

Lovely Light Warriors, can you see there is much to be happy about..? The positive news is there for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. Choose the incoming 5D world that is being presented in the uplifting courageous stories that are flooding the internet right now. The negative sad 3D world is crumbling to dust. We must stay strong for the 3D survivors as they emerge from the rubble.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Delightful videos today. : ) Love and Light, DD

    1. Thanks DD! It's certainly a joy to find videos these days. Love and Light to you.

  2. Did you all see that “Enjoy the Show” little movie on gab ?

    1. https://gab.com/QAnon211/posts/105610008753052239

    2. Thanks Faith, will check it out...

  3. Experience from the sidelines of the Canadian Convoy as experienced Jan 25..... we watched with emotion as a whole bunch of things happened when the Canadian Truck Convoy came through Winnipeg. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were there to assist in good numbers and all were quite kind and smiling through the entire event; temperature was around - 40 C with the windchill on an open prairie landscape and LOTS/hundreds of people came out to support, many kids, all stood out in the bitter cold to cheer and support down miles and miles of nasty open road for hours; the convoy is so long it takes hours to get going from front to back; the Colony which prepared a ton of food for the truckers was unable to get into the parking lot to set up and serve it so they drove 2.5 hours down the highway to the next stop to do so; the energy in the groups/crowds is very good...... we are one.

    1. Your description of the truck convoy is so lovely, thank you. What a beautiful sense of Oneness, especially in such bitterly cold conditions. It's heartwarming (pun intended) to hear that the Mounted Police were caring. So much about this truck convoy speaks of the incoming 5D world. Please do continue to share any observations.

  4. My friend Jerry has COVID and is being treated for it in a major hospital in my state. He can have no visitors but can take calls. He is being given Remdesivir --I heard from his girlfriend today that he now has pneumonia. Both of us have tried to tell him for some time what is going on with the COVID issue but he won't believe a thing we say. Finally he told one of the doctors that his friends had huge reservations about Remdesivir and did they have other options for treating COVID (just to get us to hush up on the subject, I think). The doctor told him the Remdesivir was like a miracle drug for this condition--nothing better and they were lucky to have it! Jerry has total faith in the doctors. He has survived a heart defect he was born with (wasn't supposed to live to adulthood--he's now 72) then survived a heart transplant about 4 years ago. The heart-rejection drugs caused his kidneys to shut down a couple of years ago so he's been on dialysis since then. He's had illnesses that have put him in the hospital for extended stays 4 or 5 times over these many years but he has always beat the odds. He works almost as hard as men who have perfect health. I pray he gets over this.

    1. Wow, the blatant lying from his doctors is breathtaking. They KNOW it's not true. I pray too that Jerry will recover and beat the odds, as he seems to have done many times before. Thank you for sharing. Our community is with you. Love and Light.

    2. Evil doctors.. remsdesevir takes out kidneys lungs fill with fluids...sorry he is trusting the system built to enslave and kill us. Never go to a hospital ..ivermectin even the liquid horse version of needed.. it's tough to see.people asleep my own siblings are fast asleep. All is a conspiracy .. vaccines are safe.. I imagine some Jews felt the resettlement was all good too by the germans ...take care..sorry about this..we lost a guy our nephew knew..went inpatient they did the same thing

  5. Replies
      First published at 05:21 UTC on January 27th, 2022.

      The Australian Prime Minister, Governor’s General, and many others were served with an arrest warrant, informing them of the court date set where they’ll have to appear to defend the 66 crimes they’ve been charged with.
      Including TREASON.
      Townsville Common Law Assembly has served documents with their local police.
      Failure to show up means the court will still be presented evidence, then be forced to reach a summary conviction of guilty.

      This is the full interview with Channel 7 News

      Under international law, a Common Law Assembly is a recognized court that does not require recognition by the government in power.
      This isn’t the first time that despotic governments have come to power, so the body of international law recognizes and legitimizes when local communities come together and form Common Law Assemblies.

      The video source is North Queensland Freedom, I strongly suggest giving them a follow.
      They seem to be doing some really great work in Australia, but at this time they only have 46 subscribers.
      Give them a follow (after you’ve given me one, lol) Here’s the link https://www.bitchute.com/channel/xwdSzAWVlQPc/

    2. Thanks John and Vee - I really appreciate you shining a light on some wonderful Light Warrior work in Australia. Love and Light to you.

  6. Saw the convoy today at lunchtime which was leaving from Windsor ON and it was amazing. Lots of support and smiling faces all around. We got this Canada.


    1. I thought it was 'hiden biden'!!!!! lolololololol

    2. Yes, why would he be running to hide like a scaredy-cat from 'a fringe minority'. Tee hee. Love it!

    3. Lambert, I am SO jealous you got to see the convoy. Awesome! History in the making, as I commented to DD. Enjoy. Your country is heroic. We are with you.

    4. Sierra, I can email you or text you my video if you like. Let me say, the empowering energy was so profound. It's almost the only thing we can talk about at the office this week.

  7. OMG - watching history in the making. Here are a few clips of the convoy in progress:

  8. Thanks, DD. It is absolutely history in the making - THE turning point in the Alliance war against the DS. Thanks for sharing the links!

  9. The local republican women in Mason County, WA - traveled to border a couple days in support! Couldnt participate - working!!!


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