Janine: It Was A Body Double

It's a contentious subject among truthers - was it President Trump at the rally or was it a double..?? Most people believe that it was a body double.

Janine does a tarot reading (video below) and presents a compelling case for it being a body double. She discusses the missing tie...the MAGA hat...and the numbers 55, 32 and 2024.

I enjoyed this reading and I do resonate with the information - so I have returned to my original belief that it was a body double. Phew! It would be a lot easier not to have these topsy turvy thoughts out in  the open for all to see...! But that comes with the territory of writing a blog. It's all about transparency and sharing my truth as it unfolds, moment to moment. 

Please use your discernment with the video, as always.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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