President Trump's Arizona Rally

I didn't set out to watch the rally but as with every other rally, I found myself tuning into Newmax at exactly the time he walked onto the stage - without having checked the time difference.

There were two things immediately conspicuous about President Trump's appearance. Firstly, he was not wearing a tie. That is the first time ever I have seen him at a rally, or any public event, without a tie. He wore a heavy winter coat and a lightweight white shirt unbuttoned and casual. It looked bizarre. Secondly, he wore a MAGA hat throughout the entire speech. You could not see his eyes. That has never happened before at a Trump rally. Anons are speculating that it wasn't him. I tend to agree.

Just before he stood at the podium, he turned to the audience behind him and gave a clear obvious Q air sign. I wonder if John Kennedy was sitting there...?

And not long into the speech, when talking about [B]iden's 'ridiculous mandates', President Trump said: 'We're not going to take it anymore.' The last Q drop was a song titled...'We're Not Going To Take It Anymore.' Very exciting confirmation of the Q connection and his role as Q+.

Finally, Q always said, 'Watch The Water'. What is everyone doing right now in many countries and continents? We are watching the water for a potential tsunami from the Tonga volcano eruption.

And remember, January 19th is National Popcorn Day in USA. Q often referred to popcorn/movies. January 19th is Presidents Day - and President Trump is the 19th President of the restored Republic.

Enjoy the show, Light Warriors. It looks to be quite a week...!


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. Watch the water. True. North Georgia, and the North East, is under attack via weather warfare. That's one of the few tricks the DS has left. Sixty mph winds. Rain. Ice. Snow. Enough to trap people on this mountain for days, or longer. We were told for years to stay stocked up. The end must be near. Yippee!!

    Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Jan, that the end is near. Stay warm! Sending you some Down Under summer sunshine. Love and Light to you.

  2. Dear Sierra.

    I thought about you as I tuned in to the live stream. Around 3:15PM your time.

    About Trump. I'm sure it was him. First he lost a lot of weight, second it was very windy and he did not want to mess his hair (he said it), and the way he spoke for me confirmed it. I think he's tired of this whole sh*tshow. The only thing I don't like is I feel like I'm wasting my time because he keeps repeating what we already know, from A to Z except for a few jokes and news here and there. But for most of the duration of it I do something else while listening.The political side does not interest me anymore, the elections, the backing of governors, etc. He's just going with the script to wake people up. Many supporters are still sleeping. They say he will announce his legitimate presidency on the 19th. So, we'll see! (wink)

    Be well! And pls send hot summer breezes my way! (smile)

    P.S. The input error happened again. It's not WordPress, it's Blogger.

    1. I refreshed the page, nope. I closed and reopened Edge and it worked. So it is probably on my side. They say it can be the cache. It's all good! Thank you and be well.

    2. Okay. This may be farfetched but let's go.

      Remember when (I mentioned that) at the inauguration Melania looked really scared and forced a huge smile when Trump turned his head to look at Ivanka? And when they danced, her in her beautiful long white dress, she wanted to let go of his hand but he held hers firmly and kept her close to him? I used to dislike Trump like many Quebecers, and probably many around the world. And I did not watch his shows or American news networks, or none but some local news. So I wat not familiar with the way he moves, speaks, etc., his overall attitude.

      Yesterday, the man I saw was the real Trump for me. As I said, he did look tired of having to do these rallies an repeat the same facts over and over again. And he did lose weight, based on his previous appearances. I read a couple of posts where Trump (looks like CGI) praises the efficacy of Meticore, that he looks and feel younger. But he is what I saw since January 2017 when I started to watch "the show", except for a couple of obvious doubles.
      Could it be that most of the times we saw Trump it was not him? Because he/they knew they would attempt on his life? Which they did.
      Anyways and anyhow, I am open, as usual, to what the reality is/has been. It's okay if I've been fooled a bit; it means a lot of people have and The Plan worked. (wink)

      Be well.

      P.S. At this point, I have no clue what "Watch the water" implies with all the hypothesis out there.

    3. Hi Sarah. I really like your theory that we saw the real President Trump at the rally but lately we have been seeing the double - and we have got used to seeing him. Thanks! I will put that in my post today.
      Yes, Watch the water could be anything. We just keep following the clues while we wait for the first domino to fall so we can get on with it...!!

  3. Hello Sierra,
    I was looking at some different blogs this morning and I ran across this .
    Volcanic activity with no seismic warning is an impossibility. This was a detonation. That was my thinking when I first heard of it. They said to watch out for major weather events that don't happen like snowstorms in places that don't have them or a lot of snow or power going off because of winter storms. Everyone buckle up its about to busy. Take care. Randy

    1. You'd be correct it's called DEW Direct Energy weapon....was used here in NZ you heard a big rumble then the quake

    2. Hi Randy and Mikaera. I agree with you both - I feel it was a detonation too. We have had events here in NZ that were described as earthquakes that did NOT feel like quakes, but more like deep underground explosions. Buckle up, indeed. We are ready!

  4. Hello Sierra much love and light to you always beautiful light warrior and truth pusher
    A couple of subscribed links & funny one worthy of your reading thanks much love & hugs J&V

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    But it can't be caused by the vaccines, masks, or swabs since all are "safe and effective" according to the CDC. I wonder what the cause is? Infectious disease docs say nothing is wrong, ignore it.
    Steve Kirsch 18 hr ago

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  5. Whiplash and Kat and others confirm a masked body double at the rally makes sense ..a sniper could pick him off easily.. no tie another clue.. if things are hot now he has to be protected.
    Volcano no seismic activity ..reports of a Tonga dumb being taken out.. that was a huge blast for a volcano under the ocean never seen anything like it in my lifetime. Nesara Gesara was on the tag line under Trump as he spoke.. Russia makes threats to bomb a Nevada test site to show the US they mean business..crazy right or part of the movie? I know this if we.dont see action before end of the month ...we have been played..this can't keep going on.. ICC has convicted 70 plus people , governments and corporations for crimes against humanity.. I can't post here..
    Ok Queen Romana of Canada is she for real .. I ask because the term queen to me has a negative connotation and nobody elected her... I like her posts ..some are a bit condescending but most are on point. Time to shock the world

    1. Hi Doug...I am not sure now about whether it was President Trump at the rally - I think it might have been. Tonga being a DUMB destruction makes sense to me. And I don't know anything about Queen Romana. Like you, I don't resonate with the royalty aspect. But who knows...?? So many things to be revealed...!

  6. This is a video showing that pcr speed tests are radioactive...

    1. Not shocked never have taken a test won't wear a mask .. sure shows me how easily grown ups can be manipulated..of course there has been multiple false flags ..chemtrails alot of chances to wake up...many refuse or won't look


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