Re: 'Zombie' Theory

I am going to be very upfront in this post - I usually am, of course, but this is a contentious subject.

Firstly, I don't resonate at all with the word 'zombie'. I never have done. I have never watched a 'zombie' movie. I have no connection to the word whatsoever. And for that reason, I will use quote marks every time I use it in this post. going back to the Event channeling - which I re-read every few days and still completely resonate with - it seems clear that when the Event happens, 3D people (mostly jabbed) will be shocked to the core. This exact phrase 'shocked to the core' was used in the Event channeling, and One Who Serves used it recently in a James McConnell channeling. I think Matthew Ward has even used it too.

So I think we can agree that a global event is very close now that will shock humanity to the core. 3D people who are oblivious to all the information that is common knowledge to Light Warriors will be totally freaked out. TOTALLY.

What will that level of shock look like on a mass scale...? Dolores Cannon made it clear in her excellent books that people will run screaming into the streets. The Event channeling said the same thing.

What will the sight of people running around screaming in the streets look like...? Well, I haven't seen a 'zombie' movie, but I imagine that it could possibly be something like that.

We cannot underestimate the severe shock of this Event on humanity. We have been prepared for decades by the Ascended Masters and our Galactic friends for this situation that is now rapidly unfolding. I have been following Dolores Cannon's work for over twenty years. Allison Coe has also done excellent work in this field.

So whatever name is given to what is about to take place, please be ready.

My friend Faith brought up a good point - the [D]eep [S]tate will attempt a last ditch false flag event (FF) as their final hoorah. Most sources agree that they do not have the financial resources and manpower any longer to pull off a global event. It is more likely to be a smaller localized event in USA. Even so, stay situationally-aware at all times.

On my walk this morning, I looked around at all my fast-asleep triple jabbed neighbors - lovely people - and imagined how it will be for them. At present, this neighborhood looks like a scene from The Truman Show. The pristine gardens seem to represent a refusal to face the reality of what is happening out there.

Finally, speaking of The Truman Show, the jury is out on Jim Carrey for some people, including myself. The Truman Show is the classic 'awakening' movie, along with the Matrix. We know that Keanu Reeves is 'awake', but there is evidence that Jim Carrey may have been involved in [s]atanic activities. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for reading this stream-of-consciousness post. I wrote it in less than ten minutes. I type fast!

Always remember - we Light Warriors are on the same side. We are a global team, radiating Light for all humanity. Our Light will be desperately needed in a very public way soon.


Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. Hello Sierra much love and light to you always beautiful light warrior and truth pusher God Bless you always much love respect & hugs Awesome info I hope this might help others with Shocked to Core regards J&V

    (Some Awesome links in this former US Marine Corp LT and we know. journalist)

    1.15.22: REAL LEADERS stepping up, Indictments, POWERFUL VID exposure, Hold the LINE! PRAY!
    And We Know Published January 15, 2022
    The Mentally unstable Christian

    1. Thank you John and Vee - many hugs back to you both.
      Thank you for the links. When I had a lot more time, I used to enjoy watching And We Know. Great intel.

  2. Greetings Sierra and all.

    For me, a zombie is a drink with rum and pineaple juice. Very tasty btw. (wink)

    The ones you are speaking about are also referred to as "walking dead".

    I really don't know how it will manifest but I had this dream years ago where I saw an old man's head/eyes lightened up with brightening white light and then he moved away. I knew he knew his time had come and he would leave body.

    I think we can expect shocks great enough to do that to many. But what I got from the dream is that they're at peace with it! I don't know if we will see the light in them like I did but THEY will!

    A phrase we will hear often, I'm afraid, is: "Where is X? Have you seen X?"

    It's an unprecedented transition in the physical, so we can expect anything but we must accept everything.

    Be well.

    P.S. It's been VERY cold here and Monday we will have a huge snowstorm with 1+ foot of white piled up flakes.

    Oh! Also, did you deactivate the "Notify me" button recently?

    1. Hi Sarah...Your dream about the old man is very interesting. Dolores Cannon always said that people will fall away from our lives and we will wonder what happened to them but not feel at all inclined to follow up on it.
      Stay warm!
      And I haven't touched the Notify Me button. I am afraid WordPress is not user friendly these days. When the blog first started there was an Email Notification button but WP deactivated it soon after. I am sorry! I recommend people to Bookmark my blog site. That's what I do for my favorites sites - I keep them on my Toolbar.

    2. Hi Sierra.

      First, I don't drink but I remember the zombies from when I used to go to "discothèques" in my early 20's. (wink)

      Tomorrow (only) the temperatures will be milder but if electricity is cut and does not come back rapidly, it will be a nightmare for many.

      I bm'd you in my favorites bar but I need to check several times to check for replies. The other day WP would not let me post, alleging problem on my side? Since I forgot to copy my comment the 1st time - & the 2nd! - I simply dropped it. I guess it was not important.

      Be well.

  3. I totally resonated with your interpretation of this "zombie" apocalypse channeling. (And I'm glad she also said that there were 2 other possibilities). I believe we had initially been set up for this, but that there were some Galactic friends out there who stopped that whenever they got too close to it - sabotaging it, if you will. (Otherwise, why would they really continue to put out those types of movies if they weren't telling us what they were up to?) The DS tried this a few times and kept getting thwarted, so they gave up on that scenario. I have no doubt that once they wake up so quickly, there will be absolute panic in the streets. That is the main reason why I haven't dropped a bunch of my sleeping friends from my FB page, because if they are still willing to speak to me about other things, I'd like to think I can be there for them when they will really need someone to talk to.

    As for Jim Carrey, I believe that he has had some deep spiritual experiences - that he did awaken. I could not tell you if he had originally done some Satanic things and then changed, or awakened and chose the Dark side... but I hope it was the first one. He did looked sufficiently freaked out about it for a few years, though... utterly embarrassing himself about what he was learning. And I know he created a meditation room in the woods outside of his house, etc. And he did step away from movies after that awakening as well. So I'm voting for him being one of the good guys.

    1. Lovely to hear from you, Deb. Yes, it's a good idea to keep sleeping friends and family members in your circle if possible (albeit as close as you can handle) - they will need you when the time comes.
      And I tend to feel the same way as you about Jim Carrey. I think he may have moved backward and forward between dark and light. Or he could have been acting that as a role. Some say he could even be playing [B]iden. Who knows...?? This movie is quite something when it comes to plot twists and turns!

  4. Sierra.. it's interesting we have disclosure that must happen before event I thought per many qhht sessions like Allison Coe did 7 months ago.. once truth comes out strong the normies are shocked.. angered they took the jab meant to kill or enslave them and they do go crazy.. also Allison's client says ships literally take people onboard who can't handle the 1st of 3 waves..I would.expect anyone who took the jab goes ok a they are totally asleep... Alot is supposed to happen this month per Q .. it has to people need to see this is happening ..

    1. Yes, Doug, Dolores Cannon talked about people being taken on ships too. But it would happen while they are in the sleep state so they would be unaware. I am sure the Galactics will do everything they can to make the process as gentle as possible for the sleepers.

  5. How about this for shock to the core of the 3d normies..?

  6. "The shot heard round the world." The Jab.

    I agree with your zombie reference to those triple-jabbed people scared to death and running wild in the streets. I weep for humanity.

    As for Jim, he is a high-level warlock. I do not know if he turned to the Light. Betty White was a high-level witch, who only a few years ago knew that the Dark would fall, and she turned to the Light. They both performed hideous crimes against children.

    Love and Light, Sierra!

  7. When the flash happens all people will be knocked out by the energy not run around. The light worker were said to wake up first to help those who have no idea what knocked them down

    1. Yes, it seems that they may be knocked down first - but I am sure after that initial shock wears off, they will run around in sheer panic.


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