UK Govt Ends Mandates

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ENDED compulsory jab mandates and passports and mask wearing. This is huge news, Light Warriors. It proves without doubt that the Alliance is in full control. Video of Boris making the announcement (2 minutes). For God's sake, will someone PLEASE cut that man's hair...???!!

Wow, it looks as if the UK police have switched sides. They are shutting down jab buses and turning them into CRIME SCENES. I can't wait to see that happening here in NZ where pop-up clinics are working feverishly to jab our beautiful innocent children.

The Czech Republic has also backed down on jab mandates, refusing to divide their society. Watch for more countries to quickly follow suit as the jab narrative crumbles daily. Aussie and NZ will be the last to go, unfortunately. NZ is the first country in the world to see the sun, and usually last on the list for liberation. We will prevail.

Well, lookey here - even GOOGLE agrees that the narrative is crumbling. Love it.

Q said, 'They [DS] won't be able to walk down the street...' when people learn the truth. Watch these young people screaming 'Liar!' at Nancy [P]elosi and she is powerless. BOOM.

A graph that proves the jab IS the virus. Israel and Australia, two of the highest jabbed countries, have sky-rocketing virus numbers. I know it's true because I have a Light Warrior friend in Sydney who gives me the numbers every few days. CRIMINAL.

Further proof that the jab is the virus. Wake up, people...!

Please use your discernment with this video - the man describes what he believes to be night time interior demolition of the White House. Whether it is true or not, there is a concrete DEMOLITION wall around the exterior of the White House. All signs are pointing to the destruction of one of the evilest buildings on the planet (along with the Vatican and Buckingham Palace).

BP at Starship Earth reports that a concrete demolition wall is also being built around parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada.

The delicious irony of Prince Andrew deleting all his social media accounts on US National Popcorn Day. Priceless. Enjoy the show, Light Warriors.

Bill [C]linton's clone must be sweating up a storm along with No Longer Prince Andrew. A UK socialite just threw them both under the bus. Awesome.

Mask madness is now an official disease. It's no surprise to see the long-term harmful damage caused by prolonged mask-wearing. Here in mid-summer New Zealand, nearly ALL retail staff wear a mask for nine hours a day. It is quite common to see people wearing them outdoors or while driving. Mask psychosis is real.

Candace Owen with a brilliant post about the Scamdemic. Pass it on.

The threat of a third jab to keep her job has woken up a double-jabbed Aussie woman. She is FURIOUS. One minute video, a ton of F bombs, but she will do more to awaken humanity than all the polite anti-vaxxers in the world. 

Yes, Light Warriors, jab remorse is here - we knew it would happen. Compassion, compassion, compassion.

If I can recommend anything to you right now, it is this:  s...l...o...w down. The long-awaited powerful tsunami of Love/Light/Truth is finally crashing down upon humanity. Wave after wave after wave after wave. It is relentless (just like the name of one of my favorite Gab Anons). Nothing Can Stop What is Coming. S...l...o...w down. Don't miss anything. This is our VICTORY lap, friends. And it's just beginning...! Enjoy.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. It was all BS. We knew it all along. Ready to leave this rock.

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    1. Thanks Caroline...! Love and Light to you.

  3. My Precious Husband is gone😭 We were both unvaxxed and caught the flu Dec 24th. It was a tough flu and I was treating us with all the proper natural regimen, and then some. He was a fit person, no underlying medical issues and a strong heart. He was not doing well and on Jan 5th asked our son to take him to emergency. Every fear I would not allow during the start of this plandemic surfaced. They out him in the ICU. By, Jan 8th they put a stent in him on and placed him on a ventilator within 2 days he had a kidney inury, then the next day sepsis. By Jun 14 his kidneys were failing and by June 15 they called because they were afraid he was going to have a cardiac arrest and pass alone. I was unable to be with him because I was still recovering. The hospital protocol involves wearing My son got off work and was there by 2:30pm and (with our family decision and a DNR on file... promising him we would take him off the life support (hmm πŸ€”is that their Ventilator) Thank God he passed within 4 minutes. He suffered enough the short time he arrived. Do I feel like it was Genocide? ABSOLUTELY!
    I Am devastated and Angry❣️
    My heard is broken! πŸ’”πŸ˜­

    1. This occured in USA (Utah). Oh, the protocol to get a one person a day, 30 minute visit required wearing rubber gloves, 2 face masks, a face sheild and a green hospital gown! Beyond ridiculous!

    2. Jewelee, I am so very sorry to hear about your husband passing - and the way it happened. It is totally understandable that you are devastated and angry. I wish I could do something but please know that right now I am sending you a big virtual hug. I am sure there will be many more hugs for you from this community. Please stay in touch with us, we are here for you.

    3. Sierra, thank you.. my heart accepts your "big virtual hug" .. Tomorrow my veteran Navy husband would have turned 71. We are having a couple Zoom call gatherings to "Raise A Glass" in his Honor. We choose not to do the programmed money grabbing Mortuary service, and cemetery burial. At least he is free from this BS on earth. BLESSED he has already visited two of my intuitive friends with a message. Having that faith and belief he is a peace and preparing his next journeys work from the higher dimension gives me comfort. My heart will heal in time. humanness has work to do on my my anger.🀬

    4. Also, I wanted to tell you thank you for your amazing Intel. I have followed you since the days of Dinar Chronicles before they were attacked. And, my phone was blocked from getting on the new site and would say my phone was infected with a virus, funny it only happened trying to get into Operation disclosure. But my precious husband never used his phone for research, so this is how I am finally able to say "hello" and give a Namaste πŸ™ bowπŸ™

    5. Jewelee I am sending huge hugs to you as well!!! So great your hubby is sending good messages, that would help me feel better I think! I am so ready for pharma and inhospitable “hospitals“ to vanish and be replaced with nurturing healing centers!!! Feel free to email me if you like, I’m in MA but my favorite spot on Earth is Zion in Utah!!! Fa.lubitz@

    6. Hi Jewelee...I am thrilled for you that your husband came through to intuitive friends. Well done, him! It's a great comfort to get that confirmation/reassurance from the other side.
      Thank you for the lovely comments about the intel. I enjoyed my time writing for IDC but I knew I would be writing my own blog again (I had a previous blog before IDC).
      And like Faith, I love Zion too. It's got an amazing energy.
      Love, Light and hugs to you both.

  4. This video shows that the wall is only in the front of the White House.
    "1/19/22 Nancy Drew in DC- Live Video 2- What Do We Really Know About the WH Lawn Wall?"

    1. Thanks Wayne. It will be interesting to see how it develops...

  5. There are so many things to reveal that i remembered andrew bartzis the galactic historian who reads akashic records once said that he saw that there was a timeline when the the govt exposed everything to the world all in one go. The world public was so shocked in disbelief that society stop functioning normally and everything collapased. It was a disaster. This cannot be allowed to happen so there was a reason why disclosure had to be gradual as public slowly adjust to each revelations.

    But right now, it hasnt even begun yet. And covid would be the most damning expose that the world will be angry to learned the it was engineered and the cure which were intentionally toxic were meant to destroy you. Can you imagine what those people who pushed this will happen to will be chaotic

    1. Agree πŸ’―
      Divine Justice can't happen soon enough!

  6. As Q said, 'It won't be safe for them (DS)to walk down the street..' The jabbed anger is already happening in a trickle - I think it will turn into a tsunami very rapidly in coming days/weeks. Be prepared.


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