Billionaires Deserting [D]eep [S]tate

This news confirms QSR's intel that billionaires worldwide are abandoning the [D]eep [S]tate in droves. BOOM.

Facebook's first big investor, billionaire Peter Thiel, is 'STEPPING DOWN from Meta's board effective immediately' to pursue Trump agenda
Jack Dorsey leaves Twitter today. These two desertions - Thiel and Dorsey - are HUGE news.

Speaking of rats deserting the sinking DS ship, the media is turning. Who would have imagined this [G]ates/Epstein story from MSNBC a few months ago...?? Take heart, fellow Light Warriors. Dark to Light.

Dr Malone explains Monkeypox in a short pragmatic video. Please pass it on and let's cease the pathetic fear-mongering. Thanks Candace Owens, you are amazing. And love your jacket...!

Here is Candace Owens again, with a post about the gender confusion madness. I endorse her words - there may be EXCEPTIONS when it comes to gender confusion, but the [D]eep [S[tate is aggressively promoting a concept of 'gender choice'. Why? It's one of their de-population strategies.

The truth is pouring out now. The head of Spain's Big Pharma company made sure he and his family took saline jabs - then paid for falsified jab verification passes. That's how safe the jab is, folks. 

A reminder of President Trump's link to Q - love these little videos of air Q sign. Enjoy.

Finally, my lovely young Light Warrior hairdresser Shayna has just left after my regular haircut. Shayna was forced to leave a salon because of the jab mandates and now runs her own mobile hair dressing business. She's a great hairdresser, by the way...! 

She was telling me that people have 'moved on' from [C]ovid. Her clients are saying, 'Oh [C]ovid, no big deal, everyone has had it...' I asked about Monkeypox and Shayna started laughing. She said that no one is falling for it. No one is running scared. People are saying they won't get jabbed for Monkeypox unless they are absolutely forced to. One of her elderly clients, a woman in her late 80's, said that Monkeypox is ridiculous and did they run out of chickens. Also, everyone Shayna knows, across all age groups, despises Jacinda Ardern.

Message to [D]eep [S]tate: It's over. Surrender. The Light has WON.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. this news makes me feel that I should not lose hope. thanks Sierra

    1. You are so welcome, Olaya. It is very important that we keep hope strong in our hearts.

  2. Sierra do you follow this person?

    1. Hi Doug...I don't follow many people at all - and I don't follow this person.


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