Monkeypox: Here We Go Again...

An article about the expected 'new pandemic' of Monkeypox, arriving at a jab center near you soon.

The [D]eep [S]tate World Health Organisation warns of the spread of Monkeypox at summer festivals. Will the hypnotized masses fall for it yet again...? Anecdotal evidence in my area indicates that people are getting wise to Plandemics.

Here is an interesting connection between the Astra Zeneca jab and Monkeypox.

Connecting a few more dots - shingles from the [C]ovid virus is linked to Monkeypox. Who would have thought.

In other news...

Today is Election Day in Australia. Go Aussies...! My friend Stephen said many people were wearing tee shirts at early polling booths proclaiming 'Sack Them All!' Indeed.

Here is Kash Patel on Fox News regarding the Sussmann trial - 'It all leads to Hillary [C]linton...'

Elon Musk teams up with Jim Jordan for some major re pill drops. BOOM.

Wow, pure evil from the [D]eep [S]tate publication 'The Economist'.

Relentless Truth with some excellent observations of the global financial situation.

🚨China and Russia have reportedly agreed behind the scenes on a deal that will lead to China using Russian oil for their strategic reserves.
Deal to be announced in the coming weeks.
They also took advantage of the US sanctions over Ukraine and accelerated their ongoing plans to bypass SWIFT using China's cross-border interbank payment system CIPS.
Ruble backed by gold. "Gold ends FED"
What if China, Russia and others are coordinating with DJT against the central banking enslavement system?

Finally a lovely reminder of the GOODNESS of humanity.

A store owner in Pikeville, North Carolina allows stray dogs inside at night to shelter from the weather.
Light Warrior friends are reporting that friends and casual acquaintances are starting to question the DS narrative re the jabs, especially the huge number of cases of serious side effects. People are WAKING UP to the truth. Make sure that you grab any conversation openings - one day that person will come running to you for answers. It could be very soon.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light 



    1. Thanks for this link - no surprises about this jab order.


    They [DS} wargamed this in March 2021 in Munich, Germany. Pay particular attention to pages 10 & 12. ***Notice the dates***

    "About the Nuclear Threat Initiative: NTI is a nonprofit global security organization focused on reducing nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity."

    This is being released in conjunction with the Resident working to give the WHO Chief the ability to declare public health emergencies here in the U.S.


    1. Thanks Keeley. The DS has to telegraph their moves ahead of time in accordance of free will laws on this planet.

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  4. As I was reading over the list of vaccine ingredient for your photo, I noticed "sucrose" listed. What would be the purpose of that? Could it be food for the parasites while the vax is in storage? If so, that would *definitely* be pre-meditated.


    1. Keeley, that is an excellent point about the sucrose feeding the parasites. I discussed it with a Light Warrior friend who has done extensive research, and he agrees with you.

  5. White hats in control time to take them all down.. the reptilian cabal take them all down now! Nesara now!

    1. It's happening, Doug. The latest QSR posts give extensive information about the Alliance operation as it unfolds in real time. We are comfy...!


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