New Australian Prime Minister

Australian PM Scott Morrison has LOST the Federal election in a stunning defeat for the [D]eep [S]tate. Australia's new Labor Party Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has vowed to 'promote optimism not fear and division...'

This morning I was talking to someone who is an avid MSM follower. He said everyone he knows 'hates Jacinda Ardern'. He is triple-jabbed, faithfully obeys the NZ government narrative, yet he said he cannot think of a single person who likes our PM. Therefore, a NZ election would yield a similar result to Australia. It's only a matter of time now.

Whistle-blower Dr David E Martin gives explosive information in this video about impending arrests of the Plandemic criminals (11 mins).

Great story about [D]eep [S]tate clone Tom Cruise. His bizarre appearance changes, including HEIGHT, are gaining the attention of even the sleepers.

New Zealand MSM is already rolling out a fake narrative to explain the expected sudden rise in HIV/Aids cases - they are linking it to sexual practice instead of the jab. Surprise, surprise.

Pepe Lives Matter with two important posts...

Fox News is reporting that Roe V Wade could be overturned as soon as Monday.
This would initiate the predictable Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots/backlash.
Trump is putting out 22 comms. Q drop 22 speaks about the National guard. This is not a coincidence. Was it a coincidence Q predicted Supreme Court Justices would have 24/7 protection and now we are living it years later? No.
Is Trump saying they know what will happen? Patriots in control...
Stay calm.
A string of victories are in line. Even in the midst of the precipice. Focus on these things in the midst of the midst of the chaos. Be the calm in the storm, Anons.

All of us are going to need to be the peace that many will need during the next few weeks and months.
We will see more chaos intermixed with tremendous victories along with (eventually) crimes against humanity exposed.
Our time to shine is coming.
Do not allow these coming months to overwhelm you because you are the one who is uniquely positioned to calm your family and friends.
God woke you up for a reason.
Stand strong Patriots.
Your long-suffering endurance and preparation has been more important than you know.
It's just for you.
It's for those around you.
Finally, everything you need to know about the [D]eep [S]tate plans for humanity - in one brilliant meme.
You may be noticing that more and more people are questioning the narrative. The Australian election result PROVES that the number of people tired of the DS narrative is rising exponentially. The Monkeypox 'scare' scenario is laughable, and hopefully most people will laugh it out of town. The monkey emoji on the meme represents the permanent end of Plandemic BS on this planet. 

Bring on common sense, freedom, prosperity and peace.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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