Poof Channeled Message

Great channeled message from Poof - it backs up the information from QSR and Ben Fulford. Poof (James) departed the Earth plane nine years ago and sends regular messages back to his friend Susan.

Greetings and Salutations,


Get the beginnings of the story started and now is the time.....


 Now starts the beginning of the end. Get the rest of the story together and hold on because the insanity of it all is going to shed many minds. Get the goods together, keep your own counsel and make short of the crap that is coming your way. All of you; make this as clear and as solid as you can. 


 The nooses are getting very tight in some corners of the political world, and in some business interests. The trials and tribulations of companies have to be considered and made a part of the showdown that is under way.


 The end game is not going well for the folks who thought they had a bigger handle on it. The plays occurring now are like chess but checkmate isn’t that way in situations like this. Too many leaks and too many folks do not like what is happening so whistle blowers are everywhere, and you should thank then by the way..  


We see many nervous folks these days. YOU CAN LIGHTEN UP BECAUSE IN SPITE OF THE DIRE THREATS AND ALL, the knowing of the ones who think they know, well, they don’t.


You can rest easy that big things are happening and they need to.  Stay the course. Just do what you have to and remain out of the "free for all".


This too shall pass.


Love and Kisses,



Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. Love that message Sierra, thank you for putting it out hereπŸ’› Approx two weeks ago now, I found myself in the dream dimensional state, I was standing directly in front of a battalion of military personal..all standing..but not dressed like what one would expect, these were all dressed in black, their weapons had a different look about them, perhaps laser but not long like a rifle, much shorter. What I noticed most of all was their energy, it was quiet and it was of a positive and determined vibration, these were warriors of Light, perhaps if I can acknowledge these people in no other way than here on this platform, so that others may wish to send and add their positive and protective energy to these people who are fighting unseen in the front lines for all of us.
    Thank you for the allowing of use of this space Sierra πŸ™πŸŒ·πŸŒ· very appreciated.

    1. What a wonderful experience in the dream state, Peter. I, too, feel great compassion for the unseen Light Warriors who fight tirelessly behind the scenes to liberate humanity. Especially those who took on the horrendous task of liberating the DUMBS. To each of them, we send a heart-felt message: We Are With You.

  2. I think it's time and yes, we've got this. Shine On :^)

    1. Shine on, Pip, lovely to hear from you...!


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