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Relentless Truth has two excellent posts. Recommended reading.

It's hilarious that some people have such a hard time accepting that Trump CONSTANTLY does and says things on the surface which seem odd, but behind the scenes or in hindsight were absolutely brilliant.

He's been doing this his entire life, folks...and he's quite good at it.

How many of you were aware that Trump was an FBI informant back in the day?

The current military operation that we are living through wasn't the first time Trump had been asked to help take down a massive crime syndicate.

NYC mafia 
Atlantic City mafia 
Global Satanic Cabal...let's see what happens.

He's brilliant, charismatic, rich, patriotic, highly connected and clean as a whistle.

That's a deadly combination for his enemies.

Nobody trusts the MSM anymore.
Nobody trusts the politicians anymore (D or R)
Nobody trusts Big Pharma anymore.
Nobody trusts the CDC, WHO or Bill Gates anymore.
Nobody watches sports anymore.
Nobody watches movies anymore.
Nobody watches award ceremonies anymore.

Trump and Q pulled back the curtain and exposed the underbelly of evil and corruption to the entire world.

This is why nothing can stop what is coming.

This is why "We The People" awake and unified is [their] biggest fear.

We are no longer enamored with flashy celebrities.

We no longer blindly trust people in positions of power to dictate our freedoms and regulate how we live our lives.

We are no longer blind to their schemes. Playbook known.

We are no longer blind to the fact that WE elect THEM to work for US.

This is the greatest country in the history of this planet and we almost let it slip through our fingers and into the hands of a small group of satanic globalists because we became complacent. We took what we had for granted.

The more I look back on this past year, the more I realize how important and necessary it truly was.

The country as a whole had a laundry list of lessons to learn. We played a part in this and we don't get to pretend that isn't true. The truth can be harsh sometimes and this past year was all about coming to terms with that.

Q and Trump took the boot off our neck.

Then they taught us how to expose corruption and fight back with relentless truth and righteous indignation.

The ball is now in our court.

We The People are more awake than ever and not a damn thing can stop us.

Because where we go one...

...We Go All.

Love and Light


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