Roe V Wade: Overturned

Great news! The Supreme Court overturned the Roe V Wade ruling, ending abortions in USA as a constitutional right. There were scenes of rejoicing outside the Supreme Court.

This news needs to be put into perspective. It is a MASSIVE defeat for the [D]eep [S]tate. It marks the beginning of the end of 'Planned Parenthood', the DS organization for harvesting fetal body parts and [a]drenochrome. If you are new to the blog, do some research on [a]drenochrome - it is absolutely heart-breaking but important to understand.

Demoncrat Maxine Waters reacts to the news: To hell with the Supreme Court. We will defy them..!

There will be rioting all across America as the leftist sleepers - paid for by Soros - rampage in the cities in protest. This rioting was predicted by past life regressionist Dolores Cannon decades ago. We Light Warriors have always known it would get ugly right at the end. We are at that point. We just need to take a deep breath and buckle up. It means the finish line is in sight, at last.

Positive change is already happening in USA - the Arkansas Attorney General has swung into action and made abortion illegal in the state. Providers will face ten years in prison. Expect other state AGs to swiftly follow his lead.

An old interview excerpt of Mel Gibson. He is one of the very few Hollywood stars who has spoken out about the evil TRUTH behind Pedowood/Hollywood - and lived. He has said that Hollywood's elite 'eat babies'. So sorry, but this is the heinous truth behind the glittering lights. It is all a devastating lie.

Check out this interaction between Kari Lake and a groveling CNN reporter. Enjoy. MSM is dead.

I don't usually post gender confusion videos, but this one... well. As one commenter said, 'What is sad about it is not knowing if it is real or parody.' Exactly. Sadly.

All I have to say about this post is...Good question.

Wow. Photos of a world champion swimmer who FAINTED half way through a competition swim. Shocking. And totally not normal.

If you know someone who still thinks that Putin is 'the bad guy', show them this meme.

Finally, a powerful reminder - we do it for the children.

Overturning Roe V Wade is a hugely pivotal marker in the Alliance war to liberate humanity. President Trump set up the Supreme Court for this moment. We Light Warriors can take heart that the Alliance operation is completely on track.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

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  1. As if all of that wasn't enough news for one day, Q returned to 8Kun tonight (about 90 minutes ago). Only 2 posts so far. "Would you like to play a game again?" and "It had to be this way." I have to get to bed soon, but I'll be anxious to see what transpires on the site overnight. Everyone over there is very excited.

    1. SOOOO exciting about Q being back, yay...!! Yes, we will be following the Q site with great interest from now on...

  2. Oh, and after Phil G's livestream tonight, he posted that "It's go time" on his telegram account.

  3. Michelle Fielding: "The new physical currency would just have a "5" [or number] on it. It would not matter which country you went to. You could just present that coin and it would be the same value. Every gold coin, or silver, would be valued the same all over the world."
    "Michelle Fielding Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin"

    1. Kirk Elliott: "One of the keys to wealth is being in the right place at the right time. How high is silver going to go? ...that is almost a hundred dollars an ounce."
      "Silver is the opportunity of a lifetime."

    2. Thanks Wayne, very interesting...!

    3. Thanks for those 2 links. Good conversations. DD


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