Brazilian President Proudly Un-Jabbed

Brazilian President Bolsonaro is a Light Warrior and member of the BRICS Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). In this interview with Tucker Carlson, Bolsonaro discusses his un-jabbed status and thoughts about the virus. The short interview is enlightening and inspiring. If only all world leaders were like this man. 

Wow, the EU is warning people not to get booster shots because it could 'weaken the immune system'. The truth is slowly leaking out, ahead of the tsunami. Watch this space.

Actor Jon Voight is calling for [B]iden to be impeached. Most Americans would agree with him.

Dan Scavino posted this powerful 'We the People' promo video. Love it. And it's not just for America - we Light Warriors are fighting to liberate ALL of humanity.

CNN is talking about Cue now. Panicked, much. And that's not the original Andrew McCabe. When you have been following this intel for years, you can spot a body double/clone straight away. The original McCabe was probably GITMOed long ago.

Interesting, Elon Musk re-emerged after ten days of not posting (Ten Days of Darkness...?) Maybe the Pope will be the first major domino to fall.


Remember on June 20 Megyn Kelly popped up in Rome claiming there were reports that the Pope was about to resign?

Elon Musk tweeted on June 21, then re-emerged tonight after 10 days with this strange Sonic post and the pic with a lil Pope Francis.

Did Francis “resign” as in chess? Sonic has red shoes (like the Pope) and then there’s the “GAME OVER.”

Q: Shall we play a game once more?


The TRUTH from another Light Warrior world leader, President of El Salvador. 

Finally, I love this meme. It made me feel emotional - and very proud to be a Light Warrior. It's all about protecting the children.

It is USA Independence Day on 4th July. A holiday weekend and a potent portal for significant events to take place. Enjoy the holiday weekend, USA blog readers. We Are With You, from outside US.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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    1. Thanks so much Caroline, Love, Light and hugs to you.

  2. Greetings.

    Michael Sussmann and Jennifer Dillon were executed according to Real Raw News. Was looking for McCabe but did not find it on RRN so yes, still in GITMO is probably it.
    Doubles all have shiny flawless skin don't they?

    This is an excerpt from a very important message re. manifesting New Earth/changes in our personal lives from the Collective via Carolyne Oceana Ryan:

    "In your Universe, what you focus on and call Reality can only increase.

    It promulgates, grows, extends to greater heights (or depths).

    It awaits your labeling of it and your feelings about it, before taking off in exactly the direction you have indicated, with your beliefs and expectations.

    Yes, you are that powerful.

    And if only two or three people in an entire city determine (particularly if they combine their focus and intention in a group effort) that pollution, crime, inequality, fraud, and toxicities of all kinds are now going to dwindle to record-low numbers in their town—this has a powerful effect!

    Experiments have been conducted over the past few decades that prove that exact idea. As does your own life."

    I read this every day to convince my subconscious mind, and my conscious one too, that I CAN change my situation which has been less than happy for way too long now...

    I need to find a few people for my own town but you, dear Sierra, for your town/country, already have wonderful lightwarrior friends who can join you to do this.

    And yes, lovely meme. Too bad rainbows are now seen as something evil when they are in fact a bridge to the higher realms.

    I hope winter is not too harsh on you side. On mine, summer has been bearable so far.

    Be well.

    1. Hi Sarah, Thank you for sharing. I think we Light Warriors will find that we will meet like-minded souls more quickly from now on as humanity awakens around us. I feel for you, Sarah, I know many Light Warriors who read this blog are isolated too, as I was this time last year.
      So far winter has been bearable, although too much rain and more due in coming days. I am taking life one day at a time now, as I am sure you are too. Love, Light and hugs to you.

  3. So nesara talks about rainbow currency ..?? Why use that symbolism when we know the rainbow movement is inversion on many gender ..gender inversion...lgbtqp etc??

    1. hasn't the good and beautiful been satanically inverted many times to distract mankind from the original meaning?
      Just a thought about it......

    2. Yes, that is true about the satanic inversion. God created rainbows as a sign of hope for humanity after storms. The dark forces hijacked it to upset and confuse humanity.

    3. Also, as Sarah said, the rainbow is a symbol of a bridge between here and the higher realms. We Light Warriors cross and re-cross the rainbow bridge multiple times a day as we move between 3D and 5D.


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