Happy 4th July USA Light Warriors!

Happy Fourth July from Down Under...!

My friend Stephen pointed out that 4 + 7 +2022 = 17, the Cue number. Awesome! And 4+7 = 11, a Master Number. It's a great day for...something BIG to happen.

This short video gave me goose-bumps - SO joyful. Please enjoy and pass it on.

Directly from the Vatican, strong rumors that the Pope is about to resign.

Back to the reasons why something big needs to happen asap. This little video brought tears to my eyes. Heroic Light Warriors in NYC begged parents not to jab their babies and toddlers. Heart-breaking.

And if that parental abuse is not enough, check out this picture from an Air NZ flight. It made me feel sick. Even if it was intended as a joke, it's not funny.

We Light Warriors KNOW all this is wrong. We have to keep fighting on because of such gross ignorance. If we gave up and stayed silent because the scale of ignorance is so great, we are no better than them.

There is good news though. Yesterday I visited my local dollar store. The young woman behind the counter usually wears a thick mask. Yesterday - no mask, for the first time since lockdowns began. I said to her, 'Great, no mask...' Then I looked around - the man behind me wasn't wearing a mask either. I darted down the aisles. Yes, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the store was mask-less. It is the first time since all the craziness began that I have been in a store where everyone was mask-less. It felt so good! For many months, I was often the only mask-less person in local shops.

Finally, as a lead-in to 4th July Independence Day in USA, here is a pic that many Light Warriors believe to be JFK Jr, standing on top of George Washington at Mt Rushmore on 2nd July 2021. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this year, on the Cue number for 4th July, John Kennedy was revealed to the world.


Shorter post today. I am sure the rest of the week will bring interesting events. It feels eerily quiet today - the calm before the Storm. Bring it on...!


Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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    1. Thanks Caroline, Much Love and Light to you. And a BIG hug...!

  2. Happy 4th to everyone we are all in this together!! Liberation planet earth 2022!! We do need something to happen to many Q drops and interpretations people are starting to think it's all a psy op...I am...I expected alot to happen and now went back to work and back to 3D issues have to pay bills and live...time isn't real so galactics can say you are so so close lol but hell that can mean 25 years ..I think many expected it all to go down in 2012 and here we are 2022 all expecting events to happen and yes I do too but I also have read past postings years ago same expectations were "channeled" same qhht people via high self reports it wld happen 2018 ..Allison Coe had ships landing this past spring and event this early summer here in N America..I don't fault her at all..it's just the illusion we live in ...no time..and seemingly endless obstacles for the galactics to clear...it's always so close but another obstacle..as if they don't know all of them anyway they do...proves humanity could never never free itself no way .. not without galactic help as only they could take down the chimera Draco's grey's archons etc .and now the human cabal needs to be taken down by the militaries ...no more waiting for people to wake up they have had their chance..they have chosen their timeline

    1. Hi Doug...Humanity was scheduled to ascend in 2012 but collectively we decided to wait until more people are ready. It was a huge sacrifice for those of us who were ready at the time, but we did it willingly. Now we stand on the threshold again. THIS time we will ascend. Love and Light to you!


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