FBI Raids President Trump's Home

Here is an important statement from President Trump about the FBI raid on his Florida home.


When Dan Scavino posted a picture of a door with the number 45 (President Trump) he was signaling that the Alliance knew what was coming - an FBI raid on President Trump's home. This indicates how desperate the [D]eep [S]tate has become. Cornered animals, lashing out. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

President Trump has posted a great new video to remind the world of the terrible darkness we are experiencing - and the Light that is to come shortly. It is stirring and it telegraphs the imminent arrival of a storm. 'My fellow Americans, the storm is upon is...' (Click on the image to go to the video, or scroll down the thread).


Kari Lake will be the new Governor of Arizona, based on land-slide voting. Here she condemns the 'illegitimate' USA President, [B]iden.

A reminder that [S]oros is synonymous with the [s]atanic hub that is Ukraine. 

...Here is his mate [S]chaub. Never forget what these evil non-humans have done to humanity. NEVER forget.

This short video is heart-breaking. A super-fit young athlete whose life has been destroyed by the jab - and he knows it. We cannot judge. We must have compassion, Light Warriors. Far too many people were naively deceived by the onslaught of fear porn from the complicit MSM - paid for by their equally complicit governments, who were paid for by [S]oros. It took enormous strength for those of us who refused the jab to hold our ground. We risked losing our jobs, homes, friends and family. We did it because we KNEW.

Finally, here is a heart-warming story to balance that video. I felt emotional ( in a good way) when I read this headline - I wish it was a video so I could see the crowd. These kinds of stories remind us of the power of humanity when we come together in unity consciousness.

The storm clouds are gathering. Be prepared for some rocky weeks ahead, Light Warriors. We have been warned for months. We know to be prepared with extra food and cash - nothing too outrageous, just the usual sensible precautions we should all be taking during these tumultuous times.

Mostly importantly, stay calm and positive. This is a time to shine your Light and cast out all fears and doubts. People need to see that you are strong and that you are NOT afraid.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Thanks Sierra.. I want to hear Pres Trump say these words "My Fellow Americans The Storm Is Upon Us!"

  2. You wrote: "Kari Lake is the newly-elected Governor of Arizona in a clear-cut victory." This is wrong. The election that Lake just won merely means that she is the Republican Party's candidate for Governor in the November election. This recent election included only Republican's voting among a number of choices for who they want to be their candidate in the November election. She still has to face the Democrat candidate in November. They will cheat big-time in November. They tried to cheat this time and it was only the primary election. She will not be "the newly-elected Governor of Arizona" unless she wins the general election in November. If she wins that, she will be sworn in as Governor in January.

    1. Exactly enter dominion voting machines...it's pathetic the election hasn't been overturned ...I know trust the plan but what if the plan is too slow??

    2. Thanks CatsLoveAutumn, I have corrected that post. This is where my Kiwi-ness can be a issue. I don't have a full grasp on the USA election system.

  3. I found this rather significant: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/joe-biden-laughs-reporters-ask-fbis-raid-trumps-home-video/ From 11:45 to 12:45 - NO FRINGE on the US flags!

    1. That's a great sign, DD, thanks...! Love it.


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