Laptop FBI Agent 'Resigns'

Timothy Thibault, the FBI agent in charge of investigating Hunter's laptop has suddenly 'resigned'. Thibault was accused of bias and investigated by FBI Director Wray. He was escorted from the FBI building shortly after his 'resignation'.

Cue always said 'Trust Grassley'. Now we can see why. 

A young South African actress/model has died after an 'unexpected sudden illness' (the quote marks are in the story). How many more victims of SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) before people wake up to the truth...? SADS did NOT EXIST until the jab.

This short video illustrates how important it is for parents to retain welfare authority over their under-age children. School counsellors hiding behind 'confidentiality' is NOT acceptable. This sad story could easily have ended in tragedy.

A chilling automatic answerphone message when you dial the emergency number in Canada. Listen to the end.

Another short video about Canada's 'assisted suicide' program. It seems that from next year the Canadian government will help 'poor people' to an early death. It is way past time for Trudeau's latest body double to be removed.

We Light Warriors know that all the [D]eep [S]tate institutions are crumbling before our eyes. Here is direct proof that the education system is DEAD.

Don't believe the video...?? Here is a comment from an educator below the video...

Working in education I see this every school year. They removed the analog clocks out of the school and put in digital, the students cannot write or read script or barely can, they don't know the name of their teachers, the list goes on and on. It's so sad.

President Trump knew EXACTLY what he was doing regarding [F]auci. Trust the Alliance plan.

It is rather amazing, Mr President.

Finally, this is a fascinating little scientific video about the immense health benefits of grounding, i.e. walking barefoot on the Earth. I confess that I get cold feet (it is winter here!) so I rarely go barefoot. That changes from today.

Tomorrow is 1st September, the official first day of Spring in the southern hemisphere. Many sources have predicted big events in the Alliance operation to occur in late summer/early fall. We Light Warriors are holding the Light while the Alliance finishes its mopping up operation of the DS minions still running around on this planet.


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