Pam Gregory Super Moon Video

This Pam Gregory astrology video provides great information about the Aquarius Super Moon on 11th August, and what to expect until the end of the year. It can be comfortably watched at 1.25 speed.

Pam gives wise advice on how to navigate the chaotic energies of change on the Earth plane.

'What we MUST learn to do - and it's the way through all of this - is live from the INSIDE out, not the outside in...If we simply turn inwards, there are only two things to focus on - your breath and your frequency...The 100% focus on breath can create a sense of anchor, center and power...I am not going to have my state of being determined by the six o'clock news - I will decide my state of being...' (Pam Gregory).

Pam's advice echoes the message from the NDE in a previous post...'Breathe and don't resist...'

There is so much we have no control over in the exterior world. But we ALWAYS have control over our interior world. Live from a constant state of love, trust and faith, and all fears and doubts will fall away.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. "The Scarlet Flower"
    This video explains the ice skating show.
    "Kamila Valieva The Scarlet Flower: Story in Kamila’s Ice Show"
    "She unknowingly breaks an evil spell.
    The beast has transformed into a handsome prince."

    1. The evil spell against silver has been broken
      Silver goes to $10,000 an ounce in one day
      The fake trading exchanges are closed
      The four big banks are closed
      The new world order has no more fiat money
      The event of the century has happened
      The people of Earth have been freed from the beast

    2. Thanks Wayne - Love and Light to you.

  2. Wayne I like that ending alot!! Let's go silver and gold end the Fed free humanity ...Nesara cxl all fraudulent debt liberate humanity from debt slavery in this now in this now in this now! Namaste

  3. FBI just raided Trump's mara a Lago it's all a movie still?? These agencies all need taken down ..pure darkness..where the F is the military of trump is really the commander in chief..and won the election ?? Why is he running for 2024!!?? Trusting the plan is appearing a bit dubious when trump is being attacked now ..

    1. It's all part of the plan, Doug. The Alliance couldn't tell the people, they had to show them. As you will see from my latest post, Dan Scavino telegraphed that FBI raid in a post before it happened. They KNOW the DS playbook. Trust the Plan, my friend.


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