President Trump On Fire...!

President Trump's latest statement about the FBI raid. He is on fire...!

Then this message from Mike Pompeo. Anons are divided as to whether he is White or Black Hat. Does this one look like the original..? It's so hard to tell these days.

Even people who don't support President Trump know that the FBI raid stunk to high heaven.

Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch is seeking an URGENT court unsealing of the FBI search warrant.


UK truther Martin Geddes makes an excellent point...
It seems that the public are being taught the Constitution by every part of it being violated.
This five-minute video analyses Anne [H]eche's 'accident'. Important viewing. Once again, prayers that she survived and is in the witness protection program. Check out the comments for observations that nothing about the scene makes sense.

There are multiple signs that Cue's promise about Hot August is set to deliver before the end of the month. The momentum is intense. The storm will break any day and the fall-out should be spectacular.

Light Warrior friends are reporting a softening of stance in their MSM-following friends and family. The time we have long-awaited is almost here. 

Stay calm and positive.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



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