QSR: President Trump's Truth Post Storm

President Trump posted about 70 Truth Social messages yesterday. It was HUGE. 

QSR posted about President Trump's Truth-posting storm on 31st August. Please use your discernment about any dates mentioned by any intel sources. Remember - DISINFORMATION is necessary. We are at war.

Post 1

TRUMP Retruths Q Post #11PUBLICLYMSM NEWS on SEVERAL stations have meltdown as Trump Retruths over a dozen Q followers and then ReTruths Q Post directly to his page.....Very important post#11_this post is connected to Military take over of FBI CIA NSA ....._____________________________Laws of WAR chapter 11____________________________The REAL POTUS is letting you know what's happening behind the scenes. And letting you know >Q is REAL<The military operations are REAL____________________________How the Storm works/>There is a beginning of a STORM  ( The start of the journey through the storm)The Middle of the Storm ( the calm in the middle of the eye of the Storm)Then the second part of the STORM .. THE HARDEST PART OF THE STORM<Last year was the calm in the middle of Storm when it felt like Trump was gone in February and March ( when ANONS lost hope.... But I was active letting you know what was going to happen)We have now past the eye of the STORM into the Second part of the StormPost 2

_Oct 28, 2017  <was Q's first post_December 8, 2020 was Q's last post ( official for a long time)(Days between these two dates is 1,137 days)When you mirror the days 1,137You come up with 2,274 daysIf you add 2,274 days to Q's first post on October 28, 2017 .. This brings you to January 19, 2024Just hours before the Next President ( PRESIDENT Q) is sworn in.Coincidence?_The Q Military OPERATIONS taking place is a 2,274 day EVENT(S)>DECLAS BEGAN IN Q>CLINTONS. OBAMA , WORLD ELITES EXPOSED>EPSTEIN WORLD CORRUPTION RING EXPOSED>VATICAN CORRUPTION EXPOSED>WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS EXPOSED>HUMAN TRAFFICKING EXPOSED>911 EXPOSED>WORLD FAKE MEDIA MSM EXPOSED>WORLD HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATIONS/SYSTEMS EXPOSED>WORLD MONETARY SYSTEM EXPOSED>CORRUPTION AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS IN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES EXPOSED>CONNECTED TO WORLD INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES AND WORLD CORRUPT SYSTEMSDuring the time of the largest open INTEL drops in the world through Q ..... The deep state CABAL released the bioterrorism bio-weapons.Vaccine bio-weapons. Began mass civilization extermination event. World LOCKDOWNS. Systematic destruction of food growth and istribution. Supply chain disruption. The DEEP STATE CABAL using weather weapons caused CHAOS in floods and droughts through the world and through this systematic CABAL destruction they try to bring in climate change AGENDA CONNECTED to FULL control of humans and society....... ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ect ect ect ECT ECT ECT..So much things has happened since Q began DECLAS and drops...>WORLD EVENTS_Patriots, ANONS, FREEDOM FIGHTERS finally see how deep the War goes... And the STORM WE ARE IN!..>EVERYTHING HAPPENING NOW by the deep state Will connect to WORLD MILITARY TRIBUNALS. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY....../// This military Alliance OPERATIONS had to let things happen and document all the crimes in each country... It was the only way to EXPOSE THE DARKNESS ..... The CABAL. The Deep state ..._TRUMP TODAY PUBLICLY CONFIRMED Q and reposted a very telling post connected to Military take over... LAWS OF WAR CHAPTER 11.>STAY STRONG PATRIOTSPost 3

[They] did not want to say what Q post 11 read 😂.... > MILITARY TAKE OVER<MSM / Twitter in meltdown todayhttps://youtu.be/8FMqFo3xenA

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



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