Space Force Controls US Military Satellites

This is BIG news - on 15th August, Space Force took over all US military satellite communications. Locked and loaded.

This little video is very interesting. It is possible that the Alliance is using planes to spray antidotes to the jab i.e. GOOD chem-trails. If so, this is hugely important. Please use your discernment, as always.

US healthcare workers fired over jab mandates have been awarded $10 million in settlement. It's a start.

Devin Nunes calls for the end to the 'entire wicked web'.

'...Congress is going to have to completely dismantle this entire wicked web that's been spun over these many years. These people are psychopaths. And an end needs to be put to them...' (Nunes)

A peaceful rally in Siberia to promote family values. Beautiful.

I am posting this message about Pfizer CEO Bourla supposedly getting [C]ovid after being x4 jabbed because of the funny comment below it! I don't believe for one minute that Bourla took his own deadly jab. I think this message is code that he has been arrested (or taken out) by the Alliance.

Why would you trust this company based on their track record. Hmmm...??

So true...

I love this meme.

Finally, I am convinced there are less hours in every day now. This little video confirms it.

Keep holding your Light steady, Light Warriors. More and more people are awakening to the truth every day. They need our non-judgemental support. Remember, we, too, were once ignorant about much of the truth about the Earth plane. We are all in this together.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Thank you Sierra I will hold the light and be patient!

    1. Holding the Light with patience is not easy, Doug. We Are With You...!

  2. Happy Wednesday!

    Small recap of the last 2 years of insanity!

    1. Great little video, Vee, thanks! As you will see, I used it in today's post...


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