We Are Winning BIGLY

Starship Earth's latest newsletter is excellent - well worth the time to read it.

There are so many great signs of progress in the Alliance operation. We are winning BIGLY.

Moderna CEO confessed to his overlords that Moderna had to dump 30 million jab doses because not ONE SINGLE COUNTRY on Earth wanted them. A short must-watch video. 

Wow, listen to these school children describe in detail the horrendous dangers of the jab. Awesome. These children are the future of humanity.

President Trump has posted that the FBI took PASSPORTS from his house. Unbelievable. As Cue said, 'You can't tell the people; you have to show them...' As President Trump said in another post, the FBI raid is going to create a Red Wave of voters in November. BOOM.

Things are heating up. If the FBI stole (seized) Trump’s passports their next step may be VERY dramatic.

Senator Jim Jordan, tireless Light Warrior, told Fox News that 14 FBI insider whistle-blowers have come forward regarding FBI conduct. 

Here is direct PROOF of corruption within the FBI. All the alphabet agencies are crumbling to dust.

Please help this damning little video to go viral - it was filmed on 6th January 2021 at Capitol Hill. President Trump re-Truthed the video post. As the Anon said, you won't see this video on the DS media.

Sex-trafficking rescue operations are yielding results. Thank goodness. Lives are being saved.

NZ PM Ardern is widely disliked throughout the country. She has slumped in the polls and most likely won't be re-elected next year. No surprises there. Good riddance.

Meanwhile the [D]eep [S]tate attempts to kill us have taken a new low. Graphene strips in sanitary napkins. They are even openly marketing them as 'Graphene'. Good grief.

This Light Warrior does a good job of explaining how and why the MSM feeds humanity with a constant dose of fear.

It looks more and more as if Anne Heche was a DS target. In 2008 she made a movie about chem-trails called Toxic Skies. She knew their playbook.

It is raining here yet again and it will rain for the next few days. Weather weaponizing will not be missed in the future. I am looking forward to balmy days and blue skies for days on end - exactly how it was when I was a child, before chem-trails.

Stay strong, Light Warriors. So many have sacrificed so much to bring us to this point in humanity's liberation. Thousands have made the ultimate sacrifice. We honor them by holding our ground and placing our faith and trust in the Divine plan.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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