Putin's Speech Condemned Western Elite

Clandestine's latest newsletter gives a great analysis of Putin's recent speech.

...Putin goes on to clarify that they are not only fighting Ukraine, but the “entire military machine of the collective West.”

NATO and the US are pumping Ukraine with weapons, and supplying training to Ukrainian soldiers, using the blood of the Ukrainian people as their pawns of war. This is not a war between Russia and Ukraine, this is a proxy/economic war between the East and West. This is WW3... 

...Keep in mind Putin has no quarrels with Trump. Meaning the only way this entire situation gets resolved, is if Trump reclaims the White House and puts and end to this, and holds the Deep State criminals accountable. The stage is set for Trump to come in and save the world from assured nuclear destruction.

Sounds pretty “biblical” to me. (Clandestine)