FDA Advisor: 'Don't Get The Booster'

Important news - a FDA jab advisor is warning healthy young people NOT to get a booster. 

Dr Paul Merrick, medical whistle-blower: '...Everything taught in medical school is WRONG...' This short video is a must-watch.

An Australian think-tank has labelled the Australian government's almost one trillion dollar [C]ovid response as 'a humanitarian disaster'. It resulted in THIRTY-ONE TIMES MORE lives lost than were saved. Genocide would be a more accurate term.

So now the [D]eep [S]tate elite will only use UN-JABBED pilots to fly their fancy private jets. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. Wake up, people...!

This little video is another must-watch. Thierry Baudet called out the Dutch parliament on their [D]eep [S]tate connections - and the entire Cabinet got up and left the room! Guilty, much.

Italy now has a conservative female Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. Watch the tide turn swiftly as other countries follow suit in coming weeks.

Giorgia Meloni delivered a fiery passionate speech against the [D]eep [S]tate. She sounds amazing - however, I read some comments below the video from Anons who believe she is DS herself. This war to liberate humanity has many twists and turns. It is so hard to ascertain the truth. Time will reveal whose side people are really on. Here is the video of her speech. I truly hope she is the real deal.

Meanwhile in Ukraine, citizens who voted to join Russia ripped up their Ukraine passports. You won't see that on the MSM.

This is a very interesting analysis of how China controls the algorithms on Tik Tok. Short video.

Goldman Sachs is laying off staff. The financial collapse is underway, friends.

I am sure you have encountered many people who 'hate' Trump based on the MSM propaganda. This meme says it all.

There is still the possibility that President Trump will suddenly return to Twitter and publish his long-awaited tweet...'My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us...'


Finally, I relate so much to this young woman. Our journey has been hard and lonely at times. Once you awaken to the truth, your life can never go back to how it used to be. Ever. Yes, Disneyland for me too.

How is your life-organizing operation going...?? I am doing very well. I can honestly say that nearly all my ducks are lined up in a row. If I see a straggler, I shoo it into line pronto. Even if TS DOESN'T HTF in the next few weeks, I have a very organized life. There is a slight air of smugness - yes, you spotted it.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Thank you Sierra. Love Annette 🦆🦆🦆

  2. Replies
    1. Love and Light to you, Caroline. Your purple hearts always cheer me up, especially on days like today when I am tired. Thank you.

  3. Hi Sierra, Long time reader of your newsletter up here in Canada. We would love to reblog your daily newsletter if that is ok with you. Your newsletter is my go to source of what is really going on in the world. Your the one I go to first thing with my coffee. :) Thanks for doing all this work and spreading love and light and truth. I totally agree that "Where We Go One We Go All". Blessings, Crystal

    1. Hi Crystal...Lovely to hear from you! I am very happy for you to forward my blog as much as you like. It is information to be shared. And I am pleased that you read my posts with your morning coffee - many northern hemisphere readers do. That's why I always ensure that I publish a post before I go to bed every night.
      I love Canada and will definitely visit again after liberation. Love and Light to you.

  4. Smugness, you say? - lol - I've been organized my entire life, so I'm right there with you.

    1. Me too, DD. I left home at 16 and realized a big important truth: If I put something back in its rightful place, it will be there when I need it next. Stuck to that strategy ever since...!

  5. That Dutch cabinet meeting was priceless!

    1. Wasn't it...??? I love the way he kept plugging on as the room emptied out...!

  6. Great post! Lots of goodies in this one!


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