More President Trump/Q+ Proof

This is HUGE. President Trump re-Truthed this image, confirming that HE IS Q+. We Anons knew all along. Awesome.


Further proof that President Trump IS Q+. He gave TWO Cue air signs as he left his latest rally. Love it.

Very interesting Cue connections here - to a Hillary [C]linton post.

Probably just a coincidence that two days ago HRC had a six o'clock post about Iranians and finished it with "The world is watching".
1317 - "Iran" and "The world is watching"
3599 - "the harvest crop" and "six o'clock can be dangerous"
Grassley and VK both have been dropping corn comms lately


Here is Chuck Grassley's post. He has posted many 'corn comms' in recent years. Cue said: TRUST GRASSLEY.

🌽🍿 Corn Watch.
Harvest in about 2 weeks...


Tucker Carlson called out [B]iden's recent pedophilia comment: 'She was 12 and I was 30...'

I am only the messenger - and a recorder of humanity's Ascension. Please treat the following intel with discernment, as always. Phil Godlewski's predictions on Telegram for the week ahead...

Finally, this amazing 'mind-map' gives extraordinary detail of the many aspects of humanity's liberation.


I spent the afternoon chatting with a Light Warrior friend. We compared notes on our Ascension journey status. We are both jettisoning personal possessions that no longer resonate with us...We are both losing interest in previously-enjoyed activities, eg movie-watching...We are both noticing the crazy speed with which time is passing...We are both tired...We are both feeling less connection with some people and more with others, a situation that is changing week by week.

We chose this gig of being Light Warriors on Earth during Ascension to help humanity awaken. We trained for it over hundreds of lifetimes in many different dimensions and realities. We are system-busters. We have helped many other civilizations ascend out of the 3D primordial soup. Now, our moment in the sun has arrived again. We are READY.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. My first recollection of President Trump being Q ➕ was him standing on the dock by the USNS "Comfort" 🚢 in NYC in 2020. Lots of air Ques since! 😉

    1. Actually DD, you have inspired me to call it Que from now on - instead of Cue. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Sierra! Grassley post is huge! Red October, The Hunt!

    1. You are welcome, Doug. Yes, I believe Grassley is providing important clues to the Plan.

  3. I believe in Q and I know we won this war or have won just anxious for nesara spoke with a friend last nite .. he is an IT programmer we spoke about 911 he didn't buy the official story said the Pentagon and bldg 7 didn't make sense to him...that expanded into other he doesn't know ETs are here and our real hx and I didn't push that but I did engage where he was comfortable and he is on his way..we just need a huge catalyst now to push us all upward.

    1. Doug, many of our family members, friends and acquaintances are gradually becoming aware of the truth. Others will arrive at it abruptly. All we need to do is be there for them when they come to us seeking answers. That's it. Love and Light to you.


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