President Trump Goes Full Cue

President Trump re-Truthed this cool video - it's chocka full of Cue references. Love it! Enjoy.

FBI Special Agent whistle-blower Steve Friend is a brave principled man. Read his story here...

Another brave man is John Hopkins University professor Marty Makary. In March, he tried to alert CDC to the dangers of the jab in children. 'We could have protected this nation's children from myocarditis...' (Marty Makary). He was interviewed on Tucker Carlson's show.

This short video is hard to watch. A woman who lost her baby son to SIDS in 1984 has suddenly realized that it was most likely caused by the vaccinations he had two weeks before his death. She is now linking it to current SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). The jab in both cases. So desperately sad. There will be many such awakenings like this from now on. Be prepared with full compassion.

This despicable add for the jab is a shocking reminder of what the [D]eep [S]tate did to us. NEVER FORGET.

Interesting footage of troops crossing London Bridge. It is supposed to be new footage - please use your discernment, as always. There are troop exercises happening here in New Zealand at present. 

We don't need a reminder that [B]iden is a pedophile - he regularly does it for us. The brain-washed audience members actually laughed. Sickening.

You may have seen photos of the USA male teacher wearing enormous fake breasts in the classroom. This could be his real story from the Anons.

A reminder of how the [D]eep [S]tate vilified the very people who came to Earth to save humanity - Light Warriors. Stay strong, my friends. We are now being joined by millions of awakening people. They will need our unconditional love and compassion.

Finally, I love this message from an Anon. I don't mention our Galactic brothers and sisters very often - I should. I believe that many of the so-called 'stars' we see in the sky are cloaked star ships from highly-evolved civilizations. They are here to help humanity through Ascension.

Since we can see Starlink in the sky
and it’s postulated that there have been many advanced ancient societies before us
how many of the ‘stars’ in the sky are their Starlink satellites?


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Wow Sierra that biden video is just effed up and worse how people are applauding it and that covid vaccine promo one is just stupid.

    1. I agree. Sometimes I wonder about putting these kind of videos in the posts, but it's important that we remember just how bad it got, eg [B]iden and the jab.
      Also, this blog is a record of what is taking place on the Earth plane as we ascend.

    2. Yes, Sierra . . . preserving history.

    3. Indeed, DD. My blog and millions of other Light Warrior blogs are part of the Akashic Records for all time.

    4. Yes, and it might interest you to know that I saved newspapers with front page headlines and dates of major current events for many years. It's history in the making in black and white - long before social media! Someone will come across these later and see that it was for real and that we actually lived through it. Keep up the good work! DD

  2. Sierra, I think Phil Godlewski's post from this morning might warrant its own blog entry. It's a day-by-day rundown of the events coming this week.

  3. Sept 24 we shall see...if dates pass and nothing what are we to think about Q

    1. Hi Doug...Cue never said anything about 24th September. It was a German politician who spoke about 24th September - and there were other indications on line too, but not from Cue.


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