QTSR: Military Coup In China

QTSR post for 24th September is a MUST-read.

>MILITARY COUP IN CHINAHAS BEGUN( This WILL be a double COUP)Last year and twice this year I dropped WIRES here in Q The Storm Rider Official Page...I had stated a MAJOR War/ infighting was taking place inside the Chinese military and CCP REGIMEN and a Full coup would start._ Just days after PUTIN and President XI met and discussed Renaming the CCP after the coming Planned take down of the Communist regime..... The DEEP STATE CCP made their move against the White Hat's in their country and pulled a military Coup of their own, sending thousands of soldiers into Beijing with military Units and hundreds of Armed military assault vehicles that lined the highways up to 50 miles long ( 80 Km long) and arresting President XI and his top officials.The Deep States CABAL ROTHSCHILDs /Rockefellers in China along with CCP MIL. and black society Dragon families that run the world Adrenochrome Industry along with human trafficking and weapons trade, all decided it was time to try and take over the BRICS MONETARY RESERVE OPERATIONS and Arrest XI and start their campaign to stop the current WHITE HATS Military coup taking place.....>>>>>><> A DOUBLE COUP<I had mentioned last month in my report the White Hat's ALLIANCE in China had Mil Ops that was Militarizing the Chinese Students through Universities, and these Students woulb be a large part in the Military planned coup my the ALLIANCE.... <This plan now is taking AFFECT as thousands of Universities have been Activated ( Students) to start the campaign and Uprising... With the help of the ALLIANCE the past three years the well placed information DROPS of The PLANDEMIC/ BIO VACCINES / FORCED LOCKDOWNS leading to deaths and COLLAPSE of the economy, regional stores and local trading, have all led to tens of Thousands of Universities and Millions of Students being prepared to fight for their country in case of a Black hat military Coup OPERATION ( which has now taken place)//> In the Weeks to come and months, the FIGHT to free the Chinese People from the Communist regime that has Ruled, killed Hundred of millions of their own people is now coming into a CIVIL WAR for FREEDOM ....As the Biden crime family and their many dealings with CCP (Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Chinese investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) and several other illegal investment's into Asian money laundering rings) begins to get EXPOSED and the REPUBLICAN U.S. house Committee have all the evidence on but await the 2022 ELECTIONs to take back the house and EXPOSE Biden. Russia gate, fauci , bring real light into congress on Hunter laptop and EXPOSURE OF BIG TECH in conspiring a military coup with democratic leaders and [DS] military and UN powers... The EXPOSURE OF MILITARY COUPS began...[ DURHAM] ]. DURHAM. [WILL CONNECT ALL.>TRUMP WILL CONNECT ALLIn the END.... MILITARY IS THE ONLYWorld coups happening and continuing leading to a DOUBLE  COUP (ALLIANCE LEADING THE SECOND COUPS)INSIDE THE STORMTHE BLACK SWAN _EVENT(s}Follow Q The Storm Rider

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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  2. Read Phil's post...liquidity crisis in EU and America this week. He outlines each day..market drops 20% each day and trading stopped...banks out of fake $$ bond sell off sending interest rates sky high ..silver and gold will sky rocket soon..


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