South Korea Pays Millions In Jab Death Compensation

Ground-breaking news - South Korea will pay out millions of dollars compensation to families who lost loved ones due to the jab. This sets a precedent for other countries to follow suit. Thanks to blog reader Faith for forwarding me this important story.

The wheels of justice move agonizingly slowly against the DS criminals. James Comer said in a recent press conference that a hearing into the corruption of the [B]iden crime family will be held in September (he says this at 5' 30" in this video). Arrest them already...!

Kash Patel would move much quicker. He gives the three step plan for taking down [B]iden - it could all be done in one day. Brilliant (3' video).

Interesting turnaround from MSM. Guilty, much.

This is an informative article about the dangers of radioactivity due to 5G, cell phones and WIFI. The last sentence recommends switching off cell phones and routers at night while you sleep. I do this every night.

Thanks to Kat for this image of the Hillary [C]linton swap on the day she was arrested at the 9/11 commemoration ceremony in NYC in 2016. When you know you cannot UNknow.


Finally, I have been talking with Light Warrior friends about the challenges involved in maintaining a 40,000 foot perspective during this insane time on the planet. We all agree that we manage to stay detached most of the time but we still have the occasional bad spell when - in spite of using all the high vibe tools at our disposal - we want to stay in bed all day and let the world do its things without us.

Currently I am being blessed with beautiful Spring weather in my area. It is fortunate because I confess that I was deeply affected by news of the bizarre 'furries' trend in local high schools (see previous post). Bear in mind, I didn't even know what a 'furry' was until this time yesterday.

We are talking about children in semi-rural schools in quiet New Zealand towns dressing up and acting like cats and dogs at school. Rural New Zealand is as far removed from crowded northern hemisphere cities as you can get. Maybe we can take heart from the fact that the craziness has now, literally, gone as far as it can go. The pendulum cannot swing any further and must now slow down and find sanity and balance.

The advice I like to share often still applies, Light Warriors. Stay calm and positive and keep going. As a Light Warrior friend said to me last night, after having a few rough days recently, 'Giving up is not an option...' Indeed.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Benjamin Fulford: "The judge attorney general's office of public relations told us that Baxter's company is owned by Meta. Please disregard anything from Real Raw News."

    Martin Brodel: "If it wasn't true Janet Yellen would sue Real Raw News. That is how you know."

    1. Wayne, that is an excellent piece of intel from Martin Brodel. Indeed.

  2. I am at that pt I will believe it all when we go into martial law...EBS ...Nesara and all are made to watch those documentaries.. I do believe but when it will happen...the pole shift I thought was 2025 and I thought the galactics wanted to give us 3 yrs prior so 3 solar waves could hit earth and allow 3 opportunities to ascend.. not sure so many had solar flash this past summer..
    I can't really say much to anyone as I too am in a golfing pattern as I expected so much by now ..patience I know but darn it...enuff already let's go 😉

  3. Replies
    1. Interestingly, the more time we spend in the 5D vibration, the less there is a need for patience. We are in the Now moment so we are not waiting for anything...!


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