Israel: Look Here Not There

I emailed a friend about Israel being a [D]eep [S]tate attempt to deflect attention away from their demise - 'Look here, not there...' Then I saw this message...

We know that the CIA is behind the Israeli false flag operation. They have orchestrated every false flag event in recent times.

Light Warriors have been speculating that a new false flag would tip [C]ovid/Ukraine off the news cycle. BOOM.

Very clever.

A MSM news article outlined how President Trump predicted the Middle East situation after [B]iden gave Iran 6 billion dollars. Q: 'You can't tell the people; you have to show them..' I will never get tired of using that quote.

Interesting clip from a Light Warrior in Washington DC. The city has been on high alert for 30 days (1' 23" video).

Some of the so-called 'migrants' pouring into USA are actually UN soldiers (1' 11" video).

Finally, great message that will resonate with Light Warriors.


It will now be obvious that global events, as usual, are not what they seem. That is why remaining at the 40,000 foot perspective is the best antidote to the current craziness. Astrologer Pam Gregory talks about seeing everything from 'the eagle's perch'. Indeed. Eagles are my totem bird and I was fortunate to see several in the wild when I was in USA/Canada many years ago.

Are you doing your bare-foot grounding every day...?? Vincent Kennedy recommended it in a recent post. It has such a calm effect - the ideal 5D way to start a day on 3D Earth.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Just sayin my brother and sister-in-law and nephew live in Israel . Hope the truth is revealed and peace is achieved .

    1. Indeed, Applegoddess. Sending Love, Light and prayers to your family in Israel.

  2. Peter: "Source says to keep your vibrations high. When our vibrations are high the cabal, deep state, and the dark ones lose energy. This world is being bathed with higher frequencies to slowly assist us and help us awaken our consciousness. Life seems a little lighter, a bit more flowing." (

    1. Thanks Wayne - the advice to keep our vibration high is so important right now...

  3. If UN soldiers are infiltrating the US them we need our military to act now! No wonder they wanted us all disarmed ..

    1. Doug, I am sure the military is working hard behind the scenes. Real Raw News stories give detailed descriptions of grim battles between military and the enemy. The stories are not pleasant to read but the souls who chose to play the military roles sacrificed their lives to liberate humanity.

  4. Thanks's like we have 2 worlds right now a war is happening but the majority are unaffected and unaware what is happening. Will be great when it all stops and people are all informed at the same time.
    It's hard to keep pretending each day that this life is real and honestly has meaning for me I know it's all a lie and illusion I want to end now so we can get started on our 5D journey.


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