Retain 40,000 Foot Perspective

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele was interviewed by Tucker Carlson. Bukele is a fearless Light Warrior, unphased by the [D]eep [S]tate. Listen to this excerpt from the interview (2 minute video).

'...The demise of the US has to come from within. The enemy has to be external enemy can cause so much are watching an internal operation...' (President Bukele).

As President Bukele points out earlier in the interview excerpt, of course the enemy has to come from within. External enemies have to cross vast oceans to attack USA. Even then, the [D]eep [S]tate still uses the southern border to attack USA by encouraging millions of illegal migrants to cross over from South America. Enemy invasion comes in many forms.

On a general note, please remember, Light Warriors, how important it is to retain a 40,000 foot perspective at all times. My friend Emma and I had our regular catch up yesterday afternoon. One of the main topics of conversation was the upcoming NZ General Election on 14th October. There is a raft of small political parties vying for relevance. 

Emma and I agreed that, well-meaning as they may be, these tiny minnow political parties are just stirring up the muddy waters of a very big dirty pond. We don't need local political distractions taking our attention away from much bigger global and Galactic issues. 

The most important item on humanity's agenda right now is the liberation and Ascension of humanity. That is where our best energy and focus must be. As soon as President Trump is back in power publicly, world-wide order will be restored lickety-split. Until then, stay hovering above the petty distractions at your 40,000 foot perspective.

Finally, a couple of things...

Firstly, in the last few days I got wildly distracted away from routine tasks. It is absolutely not me. I always stick to my schedule so I get everything done. During those days I would get distracted...go back to the task...then get distracted away again...! It did my head in. I finally finished my tasks but using a circuitous rambling route rather than my typical precise direct route.

Secondly, I had something interesting happen this morning as I hovered in the state between sleep and awakening. Often I see code in my inner vision at that time - capital letters and numbers all jumbled up like in the Matrix movie. The code takes up the entire 'screen' in my inner vision. This morning, there was a large square opening/portal right in the middle of the code. It was big enough to step through. I believe it signifies the opening of portals in the matrix for humanity to exit into the higher dimensions.

We Light Warriors are transitioning backwards and forwards through these portals all throughout the day. As my friend Emma said, it explains why this Earth landscape looks and feels like a holograph. Recent channeled messages refer to this eerie surreal sensation of living consciously inside a holograph. Of course humanity has lived inside it for millennia UNconsciously.

This strange discombobulated feeling is why grounding is vital every day. Bare feet on the ground in the morning. I have been doing it for months now. It feels great - and I appreciate the warmer Spring grass after hopping around on frost over winter...!

Stay calm, positive and centred, friends. The Light has ALREADY WON.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Speaking of opening a portal to the higher dimension check out this ancient form of meditation. In this video the Namo Amituofo Buddha chant is sung with beautiful music. The video shows the Deity distributing spiritual light to the people.

    From youtube ews luck.

  2. Yes yes I rem an Allison Coe video where the person describes portals opening up all over around earth and people literally can choose to walk thru them to new earth or they can stay on old earth and experience the 3D timeline of the pole shift (not recommended 😉) According to her client 85% go thru the portals but 15% don't go. I assume the solar flash arrives then portals open but then there are the galactics coming down or arks surfacing to take people off who simply can't handle the light. Hard to know how this will all unfold. Sorry for types large thumbs small phone keyboard ❤️

  3. Replies
    1. All good re typos, Doug..! We will wait and see re Solar Flash. We are ready.


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