[D]eep [S]tate Death Knell: J6 Video Tapes

6th January 2021 seems like forever ago. USA House Speaker Mike Johnson has officially released the 'J6' video tapes. They can be viewed at this link.

This 47 second video instantly debunks the official version of events from 6th January 2021. As the Anon says, the Democrats will be in major panic mode now.

This meme makes it crystal clear what J6 was really about.

The [D]eep [S]tate rats cannot get off their sinking ship fast enough.

If you have any doubts about the pace of unfolding events, print this post and read it often.

Please use your discernment as always - I think this post is very interesting. 

The US military is calling back un-jabbed personnel that they previously kicked out. Israel is threatening to attack USA. Is this the global scare event predicted by Q? A fake WW3..?? Hmmm.

The revolution is not about one person. Sure, President Trump is our Commander-in-Chief and inspires us. However it is WE THE PEOPLE - worldwide - who are making America and every country on Earth great again. Go us...!

Brilliant meme. Love it.

A cool little video from Down Under. Aussie blog readers, you can be very proud of your Senator Malcolm Roberts. His speech condemning the globalist Plandemic agenda should be required viewing for everyone on the planet (one minute video).

Finally, today is President Trump's last speech before....?? He is speaking at Fort Dodge in Iowa. We Are With You, Sir.

Light Warriors, keep your Light blazing brightly, your vibration high and your faith in the Divine Plan unshakeable. We are an important part of the Alliance operation. Never forget it.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light