One Channeling Via Sophia Love

An excellent channeling from One via Sophia Love. We are very close now, Light Warriors.

It is the One.

There are things to say.


Thank you.


Please note the urgency of the star-seeds and the truth-tellers. They all feel that “something this way comes”. The stories told are somewhat, or better said, partially correct in interpretation. Yet not fully. This fullness of knowing is not possible at this point. There has been a recent frequency change, which is part of the urgency. Also, there are too many players for accurate, fully accurate, predictions; far too many.

What can be said is this. Both the end and the beginning approach. It can leave you feeling in a state of confusion as you attempt to sort out, and possibly define, the energy you feel. In this maelstrom of emotion, accurate definitions are not possible.

What is advised is a maintenance of stability and a consistent focus on love. For regardless of which part you play in your current world, love will get you closer to home.

There is no scenario that plays out without leaving some trail of death and destruction. Many things come to an end now. You reach quickly a culmination point. This will feel like hardship and/or turmoil for many. Yet once the dust settles, there will be noticed a clearing. A clearing of fertile ground onto which your New Earth can be planted. It is from the ashes of this controlled Earth that freedom arises.

Remember that you are hearing and seeing media reports that carry out an agenda. None of them are pure Truth. Pure Truth will emerge after the struggle you see now.

It is playing out this way for full emergence. The ending will yield as many human-focused souls as is possible, with the least amount of destruction. There is a point of perfect balance, and that is the point at which this will be stopped. It is what has been referred to as Divine Timing.

It approaches.

You cannot precisely predict it. What you can predict is the end. It will occur, and the slavery of mankind under the current regime, will cease to exist.

Once it does, there will be a time of confusion for a while as the race determines who is who, and what needs to be done to ensure that the most just, compassionate, generous and loving outcome is reached.

The new leaders will arise then. Some of these new leaders are among you; you who follow work like this. Many will arise from within the general population. These will know it is time for them to step up.

Do not despair about the lack of enthusiasm or direction from this next generation. They are perfectly placed.

What you will find, once your focus is placed on expansion, growth and universal healing, is that your world will quickly change. It has been “every man for himself”. This will morph into “every man for each other”.

What that looks like is a base frequency of love instead of control. It is a place you’ve never been 24/7. It is where you are heading.

It is recommended that you quiet yourself when you can, and listen to music and tones at the appropriate healing frequency. You will know when you hit on one that works for you – you’ll feel it internally. There will be a jolt of recognition.

Take care now of your immediate world and emanate light wherever you find yourself. This helps more than you know.

The coming days will feel intense for the speed at which things are altered. Know that this is not too fast for you.

Your frequency rises to meet the approaching moment.

These days ahead of you are what you’ve been preparing for. Your success is already accomplished.

Well done, dear human, well done.

That is all.


Thank you.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Caroline, Love and Light to you. Stay warm...!

  2. The end and beginning approach these paradoxical statements. ❤️❤️❤️
    Let's go team!

    1. Doug, that phrase leapt out for me too. Very cool...!

  3. Beautiful! It is also informing us to consciously do the work by focusing on growth, expansion and universal healing. Any place on earth that needs attention I send it the Violet flame, and try to do this daily. Focusing on love in everyone’s heart center as well.

    1. Lovely comment, thanks Indigo. The Violet Flame is a powerful healing too. I first learned about it and used it almost 40 years ago. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. This was a very hopeful message. Though I am not in a state of being able to send out Love to the world itself, due to what's happening in my life, I have made it a point to send Love out to those affecting it, even "negatively", as I know there are lessons there I may still need to learn. It feels good to know that I may eventually find my true purpose (other than holding the Light) in this New Earth. Patience is one of my biggest lessons to learn in this lifetime. I think I'm getting better at it, though I have my days. This blog helps with that tremendously - so I thank you and send you much Love and Light.


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